Kodak Printomatic Reviews

Main advantage:

This instant camera offers you a total of 10 megapixels so you can capture the best photos. Likewise, it is a model that includes different special accessories so that you can make comfortable and practical use of the camera at all times.

Main disadvantage:

As for its operation, the printing of the image usually takes a little longer than in other models, therefore, which could be a disadvantage, but perhaps the sharpness compensates for this inconvenience.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are passionate about photography and enjoy getting the results of each shot with good quality, then you might think about buying this instant camera.

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Main Features Explained


If you are looking for the best instant camera, you should take into account each of the specifications it has to offer you the model that most attracts your attention.

In this sense, Kodak has for you the Printomatic model characterized by the image sensor it has, this being 10 megapixels so that you can enjoy an appropriate level of sharpness for each shot. Also, you can have an automatic focus, as well as a special built-in flash to take pictures in those places where the light is scarce.

For its part, you will also have at your disposal the use of a special viewfinder so that you can make sure that each shot you take is based on what you really want to capture, being able to enjoy a clear and sharp impression.

Among other details, the camera includes an 8-millimeter wide-angle lens with which you can take different shots appropriately whenever you need it. Finally, it should be noted that this instant camera allows you to use an external memory card, better known as an expandable microSD, even up to 32 GB so you can save all the photos you want without any inconvenience. And as if that weren’t enough, for added convenience, this model provides you with various indicators that will help you know when the battery level is low, when you need to reload photo paper or even when the memory is running low. Therefore, we are talking about a product that could be able to satisfy your needs at all times.


According to the opinions of some users, instant cameras are easy to use and this is no exception, since we are talking about a model that stands out among many aspects for offering quality, practicality, and functionality.

It should be noted that you must first place some photographic paper in the corresponding slot, in order to carry out the printing of the images, yes, forget about the ink, the toner and the cartridges, since this model has everything incorporated what you need to enjoy your photos instantly. To capture a photograph comfortably, you can make use of the viewfinder that it has in its structure.

As for Zink printing paper, it is designed to provide you with an appropriate level of printing, being able to have inkless technology that will help you enjoy impeccable and smudge-free photographs even when exposed to light, heat or Water.

Best of all, because of the paper, each photo will have a size of 2 x 3 inches, as well as an adhesive on the back, which will allow you to place the photo on the surface you prefer and whenever you want.

It is important to mention that this model does not require a special button to start printing the photos, since it will only be enough to capture it so that it can be printed automatically without delay and in a matter of seconds.


In addition to being available in the market at a comfortable and affordable price, this instant camera offers you the availability of several special accessories to make its use a very comfortable and simple process.

In this sense, it is important to mention that with your purchase, 5 sheets of Zink adhesive paper will be added to the package so that you can enjoy your first impressions without any inconvenience. Likewise, you can use a USB cable to recharge the battery of said camera when necessary.

For its part, this model integrates a rechargeable lithium ion battery inside, in addition, you will also have a quick start guide at your fingertips so that you can learn about each of the details that this product has to offer you in such a way that you can enjoy knowing each of the functions that Kodak integrated into its design to provide you with a quality instant camera.

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