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With technological advances, desktop computers often have USB ports for connecting mice, keyboards, headphones, printers, flash drives, etc. However, the opposite happens in laptops, since these have limited USB ports and this can be a problem if we need to pass photos or documents to edit them quickly.

Kingston and the Nucleum USB Hub

The American company Kingston specializes in making flash memories for computers, but over the years they have opted to launch a 7-in-1 USB Hub on the market, which will allow you to connect and manage up to 7 electronic devices at the same time to that you fully enjoy the features of your computer. 

In addition to this, this USB Hub called “Nucleum” is specially designed for MacBook series Apple brand laptops, since these do not have enough ports and, with the USB type C connector, you can get the most out of it. take advantage of both the USB Hub and the MacBook Pro. 

On the other hand, the most outstanding features of this Kingston device are the following:

Image quality: With its 4K HDMI port you can enjoy completely clear multimedia content and in high quality standards.

Practical: You can take it with you anywhere, since it has compact dimensions and weighs 92.4 grams, which will allow you to store it in a pocket or backpack without any problem.

Multimedia readers: It has USB, HDMI, SD and Micro SD slots available for managing Smartphones, memory cards and viewing multimedia content.

Technology: This product has the ability to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) because the ports are properly separated so that the noise generated by wireless equipment does not affect the operation of any of the devices you connect. 

Space between ports: The separation of the ports will help you have more freedom to organize them on the desk and not have problems with the dimensions of the plugs.

Dimensions: On the other hand, in the technical specifications that this USB Hub has, it has dimensions of 12.7 x 4.5 x 1.4 centimeters (not including the cable) and 27.6 x 4.5 x 1, 4 centimeters with the cable. 

Warranty: This equipment has a warranty period of 2 years and 5 for repairs and maintenance with the technical service, but completely free, so you should not worry about device malfunctions.

In summary, many users consider that this could be one of the best USB Hubs of 2022, since it has good features and can be purchased at an affordable price.

Apple and the USB ports on your devices

Apple was one of the main pioneers in the launch of desktop computers and, over the years, also of laptops, which helped to propel the company and help users to carry their information, documents and files anywhere without the need to wait to consult your information on your desktop computer. 

In addition to this, with technological advances, Apple took the initiative to eliminate the physical “QWERTY” keyboard in all its mobile devices and thus take advantage of that space to have a larger screen size and users can view their content on large scales.

Over the years, Apple has been redesigning its laptops, but so that users are not bothered by purchasing heavy equipment, they have gradually eliminated several USB ports from them, an inconvenience for those who usually work with different devices. additional electronics; screens, flash drives, external hard drives, Smartphones, tablets, among others.

In addition to this, one of the models that has this problem is the 12-inch MacBook 2016, which has only 1 USB type C port, so the connection of devices and peripherals will be limited in this model compared to the MacBook. Pro 2022 of 13 and 15 inches that has 2 and 4 Thunderbolt ports on each of its sides. However, some users do not consider the number of USB ports on a computer as a disadvantage, since they usually work with the cloud, the Internet and the exchange of documents wirelessly.

Therefore, if you think that 1, 2 or 4 is too few ports on your Apple computer and you need to connect a mouse, keyboard, printer, hard drive, headset or more electronic devices via USB A or C, we recommend that you purchase a Hub. USB. 

What can I do with a USB Hub?

If you still don’t know, with a USB Hub you can connect several electronic devices at the same time and use only one of the ports of your computer, which will help you to manage the content of the pen drives and use a mouse, keyboard, additional screen, external hard drive, Smartphone, etc. without taking one out to put the other.

Plus, some models include an SD and MicroSD card reader for quick copying and editing of photos and media. Therefore, these are very practical devices when you have very few USB connection ports to connect your electronic equipment and peripherals.

Recommendations to get the most out of your USB Hub

Basically, these electronic devices are designed to always stay connected to your desktop or laptop. Therefore, if you purchased a USB Hub, we recommend that you avoid disconnecting it, since the USB ports of both computers and USB devices have a certain lifespan and, if they are disconnected frequently, they could be damaged over time..

Also, in extreme cases, some USB ports on computers may not easily recognize the devices you connect. For this reason, we recommend that you avoid frequent disconnection of your USB Hub to extend the useful life time.

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