Lenovo Tab M10 Reviews

Main advantage:

Probably the best thing about this tablet is the quality of multimedia playback, since the combination of the HD screen and surround sound will give you a better viewing experience.

Main disadvantage:

One point against this artifact is probably its maximum storage capacity, since the 16 GB could easily run out if several applications are downloaded.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is an electronic tablet suitable for the whole family, as it has technological functions for adults and children, and a suitable structure for all types of people.

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Main Features Explained

Technical specifications

The best tablet for you does not necessarily have to be the model with the highest price or the one with the best opinions on the market, but rather the device that manages to adapt to each of the needs you have, to provide you with adequate operation for your requirements.

In this case, Lenovo brings an electronic tablet whose technology is designed for those who want to use it occasionally and at home, such as playing games, checking social networks, making video calls and checking email, for example. To provide smooth operation, the device has a 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 processor and 2GB RAM, which will prevent it from crashing while using the tablet.

Like most tablets on the market, this product has an Android operating system. In this case it is version 9.0, so it is compatible with many of the current applications in the Play Store. The best thing is that it will be possible to download several of them, since the storage of the product reaches a maximum capacity of 16 GB.

As for the connections, the M10 model can be connected to other devices through its bluetooth 4.0. On the other hand, its WiFi function will allow it to connect to the network in a simple and stable way, avoiding connection interruptions.


The technology used in tablets depends on the technical specifications of each model, since the processor and all the components make the correct operation of the entire device possible. For that reason, now that you know all the technical part, you can start talking about the importance of technology.

To begin with, the brand has manufactured this model with a 10.1” screen in order to offer a comfortable viewing space. In addition, it has HD IPS Multitouch 1280 x 800 technology, so the screen supports high-definition images. In addition, it manages to detect touch at several points simultaneously, which is very important if you want to play, for example.

As a complement, the tablet has dual speakers on the front that are compatible with Dolby Atmos, so the visual quality can be accompanied by surround sound that will make the whole experience more pleasant. You will be able to enjoy all this for about 4 to 7 hours and then you will need to charge the battery with the type-C charger included in the purchase.

Finally, if it is a tablet for family use, one advantage is that this model has a mode for children to present children’s content updated and selected exclusively for them.


One aspect that you can leave for the last, but that you should never miss, is the structure of the model that has caught your attention, as this can tell you a lot about its resistance, durability and how comfortable it can be to use.

In this case, this electronic tablet has a weight of 480 grams which, although it is quite light, is not as light as the case of other models on the market. However, this means that it is not a product made entirely of plastic and that it has been manufactured with quality components. The best thing about it is that it is still a tablet that is light enough to be able to transport it easily anywhere.

Although you can carry the product in your hand, this tablet is designed to fit almost anywhere, such as a backpack or purse, which will keep it more secure. In addition to the approximate 26 centimeters of screen, the tablet is only 8.1 millimeters thick, so it takes up almost no space, and its transport is not difficult.

In addition to all this, as a more superficial aspect, the design of this electronic device can be highlighted, since it has a black color that is quite easy to keep clean and finishes that give it an elegant touch.

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