Logitech C270 HD Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a webcam that provides the necessary quality to make video calls, record home videos for YouTube channels, as well as take pictures. In this sense, its resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels and it is capable of providing sharp, colorful and bright images.

Main disadvantage:

It is necessary to download some drivers for its operation on the computer. However, you can get them quickly and affordably on the official Logitech website.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It has a compact and lightweight design, so you can carry it anywhere comfortably. In addition, it is only necessary to position it at the top of the screen and it has a rear leg that serves as a support.

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Main Features Explained


This webcam features HD technology, offering a resolution of 1280 pixels horizontally and 720 pixels vertically, considered one of the best quality formats today. For this reason, images look sharper on wide screens, especially if you decide to connect on live video platforms, such as Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime or applications that require the use of a webcam. It can also take photos with a resolution of 3 MP, so you can capture precious moments with your family and friends.

It offers an affordable price for a device of this type and is also capable of generating videos at a speed of 30 frames per second, so the images are more fluid than with other types of webcams, avoiding delays and improving their final quality. Also, it increases the intensity of colors and contrasts in a balanced way, making whites look clearer and blacks deeper. On the other hand, the integrated lens provides a wide field of vision, capable of recording content in a range of up to 60 °. As for the focus, it is prepared to do it automatically, so you will not have to adjust it in any way during use.


Among the main functions, it offers an automatic lighting adjustment, which gives you greater versatility. If you decide to make video calls, take pictures or record in low light environments, the Logitech C270 will take care of adjusting the black and white in the image to achieve optimal lighting conditions on the screen. Additionally, you should consider its high level of compatibility with today’s main operating systems, such as Windows in its version 7, 8 and 10, but it also works with MacOS 10.10 or higher systems, as well as with ChromeOS.

As for the sound, it has a practical integrated microphone with the innovative noise reduction function, in this way the person you decide to call will be able to hear your voice more clearly, avoiding communication barriers caused by background noises that tend to distort Sound. For this reason, according to the opinions of some users, this is the best webcam today, since you can use it even in busy public spaces and rooms, such as offices, cafes, and squares. Also, it is important to mention that your microphone records mono sound, that is, from a single channel.


Its design offers innovative features that make it a versatile camera so you can use it professionally and at home. In this sense, it has a compact but adjustable size, capable of giving you the exact perspective you need in your video call. Its complete structure fits in the palm of your hand and is very light, so you can take it wherever you want without major complications. On the other hand, for the optimal recording of images, it incorporates a standard-size lens, covered by a resistant glass that serves to protect it from bumps and falls, thus guaranteeing a long useful life.

It has a fixed support structure, which provides a high level of rigidity and stability. Therefore, its installation does not require mechanisms that make assembly difficult, nor robust parts that could damage the case of your computer. Simply place it on top of the screen with the lens pointing towards you or the area you wish to display, the rear kickstand serves as a natural support against the computer screen. For greater practicality, the package includes a user manual, capable of indicating its main features and modes of use, however, its operation is so simple that it is intuitive, so you do not need great knowledge to activate it.

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