Logitech G413 Opinions

Main advantage:

This model has lights on each key, which you can use if you are in a dark place or simply to have greater visibility of the letters and numbers when writing.

Main disadvantage:  

Num lock does not offer a light on the keyboard to let you know if it is activated or not. Which means that you will have to try yourself with some number to verify its status.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This is one of the best keyboards, because with it you can play, write or surf the Internet effectively, because being mechanical it offers a more precise tactile response, in addition to providing long durability.

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Main Features Explained


Normally, this aspect affects the price of a certain keyboard, because it is an essential quality in a professional product. However, the present model of mechanical keyboard is inexpensive.

The fact of being mechanical makes it possible to configure all the keys, according to your needs and preferences. This means that it is possible to assign different functions to classic keys such as Home or Caps Lock. In this sense, professional players can adjust the movement keys for each video game character, so that they are more comfortable or close to them. For example, if you are in the middle of a wrestling game, you can decide that the character hits with the E, T, Q key or the one that is most comfortable for you, depending on the punch and kick combos you want to perform.

Similarly, being a mechanical keyboard you can also configure it if you are a writer and want the Caps Lock to be located on another key. Therefore, the writing sessions will be easier.

All these advantages are the result of the Romer-G mechanical system that this Logitech keyboard brings, which is silent, provides a long lifespan and, above all, offers a good response speed when playing and typing.


The present keyboard brings a classic design in terms of the location of the keys, for example, those of F1, F2 and following are at the top of the keyboard. Then, we find a row with the number keys, which are followed by the letters.

Also, the keys have the Qwerty design in Spanish, which means that it does have the letter ñ that other keyboard models do not have. In addition, this fact makes the use of the product easier, since it is a well-known distribution of keys worldwide. Even thanks to this you can write faster, using both hands for most words.

In addition to this, this gaming keyboard model also comes in an AZERTY layout, so that people from France or Belgium can acquire and use it without problems. There is even an English version available on the Internet, which does not have the letter ñ, this being one of the most important differences with respect to the Spanish QWERTY distribution.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this keyboard has been made with 5052 aluminum and magnesium alloy, a robust material that will withstand continuous use. In other words, apart from bringing a minimalist design with luxury finishes, it offers durability.


Before reviewing the opinions on the Internet of people who have already used it, it is important to know its functionality, since, in addition to bringing the basic functions of a keyboard, it brings extra features. Among them we can highlight its independent USB port, in which you can connect a phone to recharge the battery or a mouse, so that there are more free ports on your computer.

The functionality of this equipment may surprise you, as it also brings the possibility of turning off its backlight in those moments that it may not be useful to you. Likewise, from the Logitech application it is possible to configure the keys and give each one a different function.

Another aspect that makes this product stand out is that the package includes replacement gaming keys, the ones you use the most to play, for example, A, W, S, D, etc. They bring a different design to the others, so that the fingers do not come out or slide when using them with your favorite video games, providing greater precision.

Also, there are other default functions that draw attention to this keyboard, for example, play, pause, adjust volume or game modes and others. All of these can be activated using the FN key at the same time as the function keys, F9, F10, F11, etc. 

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