Logitech G430 Opinions

Main advantage:

It is highlighted that this model of headphones has a design for gamers and is compatible with a wide variety of consoles and computer systems so that you can use them freely.

Main disadvantage:

You should try to spend considerable time until you feel really comfortable with the height adjustment, for example. Otherwise, in a couple of hours you could start to feel the weight of the headphones.

Verdict: 9.6/10

The G430 is an eye-catching, value-for-money alternative for gamers and regular consumers alike, as its sound reproduction performance is respectable.

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Main Features Explained

Ergonomic design

If you have come this far, it is probably because you are looking for opinions about the best headphones at a good price and in order to choose a good model, you must first consider some important characteristics, such as the design of the model that interests you..

Logitech brings to you on this occasion a wired headset with an ergonomic, eye-catching and youthful design. The G430 model has dimensions of 8.2 x 18.2 x 17.2 centimeters and its weight is 599 grams, but offering adequate weight distribution to be comfortable when worn on the head.

They are of the headband type and this can be adjusted to different heights so that you can accommodate the headphones as you feel more comfortable. In addition to this, it is highlighted that both the headband and the headphones have a layer of padding to provide support for your skull and ears, increase comfort, as well as isolate external noise.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that this model also includes a microphone with which you can communicate over the network, whether it’s video calls, playing games or whatever you want. In addition, Logitech headphones are mainly black, although they have blue details that make them look bright, youthful and easy to combine with other peripheral devices that you have at home.

Sound quality

The next aspect that we will analyze in order to help you find the best option in headphones is the sound quality that they provide. Although more expensive models may be equipped with special hi-fi technologies, you can still enjoy good performance without spending too much money.

That’s something the Logitech-branded G430 headset offers you. This mid-range model has a 7.1 Dolby Headphone surround sound system so you can enjoy an immersive experience, well-processed and reproduced bass, as well as treble at adequate levels.

As indicated by some buyers, these headphones are suitable for both listening to music and playing games, since the system is capable of determining the origin of the sound, which is very important in video games of all branches.

Likewise, it should also be noted that another component that helps improve the perception of audio with the use of these headphones is the material of the pads, which are covered in sports fabric and are large enough to wrap around the ear. complete. This detail also helps block out external noise so you can enjoy faithful, uninterrupted playback virtually anywhere.


Connectivity is a very influential quality when choosing which model of headphones to buy, since it can determine how much freedom of use you can have with them. Therefore, before choosing them, we recommend you analyze their connection system between and link with other devices.

Logitech’s product works with wiring through a USB input port, which allows a more stable and interference-free audio transfer. In addition, this way you will not have to worry about putting them to charge, thanks to the fact that they obtain the necessary energy to work through the USB connection.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, being headphones designed for gamers, the G430 model has the necessary codecs to work together with various consoles, among which we can mention Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PCs and more. Likewise, you can also use these headphones with any device that has an audio output through a USB port, so you can connect them wherever you want.

As an additional detail, it is considered an advantage that the same connection cable of these headphones has a control with which you can change some playback settings, specifically the volume of the sound and its length is 3 meters so you can move around with them posts.

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