Logitech M510 Opinions

Main advantage: 

The efficient and precise control offered by this mouse makes every cent worth it, as the extra buttons at your fingertips along with the ability to customize its functions are a unique advantage.

Main disadvantage: 

Although the batteries are long lasting, the fact that they do not accept being recharged will make it necessary to buy others at some point in order to use the mouse.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The versatility of this wireless mouse is one of the best options Logitech has for those looking for a perfect balance between modernity and ease of use.

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Main Features Explained

Connection and use

Among the opinions that you can find about this product, the connection will always be one of the most outstanding qualities and will surely also become one of your favorite features, as it offers exceptional performance and better product performance. This mouse works wirelessly via Logitech’s exclusive Unifying USB receiver, included with purchase. This piece is one of the most useful and modern on the market today. In addition to this, it will not take much extra space, so it will be easy to use.

By using this model, you will be able to say goodbye to annoying cables completely, which will give you better control of everything and more space to move the mouse without having a problem. Despite not having a Bluetooth connection, the stability between the receiver and the mouse allows for a comfortable and uncomplicated connection. The best thing about the little USB piece is the fact that it is configured to adapt to other devices of the brand that use the same Unifying technology, such as some headphones or wireless keyboards, so the receiver will be able to connect up to 5 different products in the same place.

The versatility of the connection is also noticeable in its compatibility with the different operating systems on the market. The software in this mouse is perfectly suited for computers running Linux and also the newer versions of Windows, specifically version 7, 8 and 10.


Regardless of the price, everyone who is looking for the best mice has one goal in mind: to gain full control of the actions you can perform on a computer, smoothly, quickly and completely easily. For that reason, Logitech has dedicated itself to incorporating different buttons and functions to have absolute control of everything in the most efficient way possible, without affecting the design or the use of the mouse.

In addition to the conventional and well-known front buttons at your fingertips, along with the central wheel for fast scrolling, this mouse also has buttons on the sides that will allow you to perform various additional functions. Some of the activities that you will be able to achieve are moving more easily through web pages, going backwards or forwards, zooming or reducing the size of photos or documents, and even moving everything from one side to another. Everything in the same place and without moving your hand.

In addition to these extra functions, the advanced control of this product goes further, because in order to have perfect performance it must also have good performance on any surface and achieve precision in movements. Fortunately, thanks to its optical technology, this model can handle all of this.

Modern design

As soon as you see this product, you will notice that it is one of the most elegant mice, as it is completely black, except for a small central LED light, and has a curved structure that narrows in the central part to provide ergonomics and comfort to your palm. hand. The lateral areas are concave and have small holes that allow a better grip. The fact that it is a light mouse also makes moving it from side to side more comfortable, since it will not require effort.

This Logitech mouse works using double A batteries, however, it will not be necessary to change quickly. Unlike high-drain products that require new batteries every few months, this model manages to run on the same torque for a full 24 months under normal office use, that is, 6-8 hours a day. The LED light will indicate the status of the batteries and, to preserve its life, you can easily turn off the mouse with the rear switch.

Its modernity is evident in the programmable controls that the product offers, since you can customize the buttons so that they work exactly as you want, such as opening or closing applications, or other activities such as activating the big screen for videos.

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