Maxtor STSHX-M101TCBM Reviews

Main advantage:

The manufacturer Maxtor has for you a 1 TB capacity external hard drive that uses USB 3.0 transfer technology to save time by being able to transfer large files faster.


Main disadvantage:

The drive may get a little warm during use, although this is normal if it is being used to its full potential and is left plugged in for long periods of time.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The STSHX-M101TCBM hard drive model offers you reliability and durability so you can store what you want in a drive that is portable and easy to use both at home and on the go.

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Main Features Explained


Capacity and format

An external hard drive can be useful when you want to have more storage for your digital documents, so several opinions agree that, when looking for the best external hard drives on the market, capacity and format are one of the most important features to consider.

Some users think that this Maxtor model could be one of the best external hard drives, since it has a capacity of 1 TB or, what is the same, 1,000 GB. With this you will have enough to carry your personal documents, programs, multimedia files and much more.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy to mention that the manufacturer offers this hard drive model in several versions according to availability, with the minimum capacity being 500 GB and the maximum capacity being 4 TB, more than enough for home and even professional use.

In addition to the above, this external hard drive also has the advantage of being presented in an HDD hard drive format, one of the most used in all types of computers and devices due to its versatility and cost. This increases its compatibility with different equipment so you can use it wherever you need it, be it computers, projectors, televisions, video game consoles, among others.

Design and materials

Since most external hard drives are designed to be portable, it is important to study details that offer information about their size and weight, so that you can know if it will be comfortable to load and will not take up too much space. Likewise, we advise you to choose a model that has good manufacturing materials to protect your information and extend the useful life of the equipment.

The external storage unit that Maxtor offers you has an abstract and modern design, but quite discreet. It is black in color and features a pattern of distorted squares in different gray scales with the brand’s logo at the bottom.

As for its measurements, this model has dimensions of 11.2 x 8.2 x 1.75 centimeters with a weight of just 151 grams. It is a device that is both light and compact, so you can comfortably carry it in your bag or keep it in your desk drawer so you have it close at hand whenever you need it.

On the other hand, the drive casing is made of rigid plastic with an anti-fingerprint finish that will prevent your drive from looking smudged when you handle it and is also notable for its impact and scratch resistance.

connectivity and speed

Although it might seem that the latest transfer technologies increase the price of the device, the truth is that, today, USB 3.0 is present in practically any modern computer, so you can enjoy them on your hard drives.

And the Maxtor model is no exception to this, since it is equipped with a port with USB 3.0 connectivity technology with which you can enjoy high transfer speeds, so you can work with your digital files quickly and without losing weather.

In addition to this, the hard drive gets the power to work through its own USB cable so you do not have to keep it connected to an external outlet to be able to use it and if you want to know if it is working, you can check it through a blue LED located on one side of the disk.

Finally, another benefit that you will get from choosing this unit is that you will not have to spend extra money to use it, since the purchase includes the USB 3.0 cable so that you connect it wherever you need it, regardless of whether you have a computer with an operating system Windows or MacOS.

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