Meet some of the inventions of the future

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, so there are more and more proposals from different entrepreneurs, brands, companies and developers who want to change the world with their products. Knowing the new releases and updates on the way can surprise more than one, especially with the next inventions.


When we talk about technology, it is important to highlight how much science has advanced in recent years. Futuristic inventions seem like everyday things, so you have to be in constant review to keep up with what’s new.

Fortunately, many of the inventions that you could soon find in your nearest store are designed to make everyday life easier, take care of the planet and be more efficient than the methods currently used.

Next, we invite you to know 10 of the most striking and feasible inventions of our time:


1. Electric transportation

Means of transportation have always been at the center of attention of many inventors who want to promote a different alternative, generally more ecological than those currently used.

One of the modern inventions that are making a presence in the main cities of the world are electric cars, scooters and bicycles. These options to move around the city work with large capacity batteries that can run ecological motors that do not generate greenhouse gases. Besides, they are much cheaper to use than a normal car, since they do not need fossil fuel.

2. 3D printers

The technological advances of the future can go hand in hand with equipment such as 3D printers, since these machines open a wide window for the development of all kinds of projects . In addition, being available to the public, the variety of creations can become practically infinite.

It is a printer that can create objects generated through the computer. There are many sizes and capacities, with a notable model built by the company Apis Cor, which was able to generate a 38 m² house in just 24 hours.

3. Smart plug

Smart plugs are variations of the conventional ones that have integrated antennas to offer access to wireless connections, which, in turn, allows you to register them in mobile applications through which to control their functions. For example, you can activate the port where the TV is connected to turn it on without needing the remote or also deactivate it to prevent it from consuming energy.

4. Drones

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are managed remotely or through special interfaces downloaded to a smartphone. They can have built-in cameras and microphones, as well as being virtually undetectable by radar.

Today you can find toy and professional drones on the market, which have different price ranges, as well as varied driving capabilities, functions, connectivity, autonomy, among others.

5. Water containers

One of the ecological inventions that could save the human being and the planet premature wear and tear are the containers of the future to contain water.

One of the most popular and word of mouth alternatives is the so-called edible bubble . This “container” is made from natural algae extracts and is filled with drinking water, so it can be “eaten” without any problem.

The parent company that develops the edible bubble is expected to begin mass-producing the packaging soon in an attempt to reduce plastic waste globally, as it has become a real problem for the Earth.


6. Solar panels

The solar panel could become the best invention in history in a couple of years, since it allows harnessing the sun’s energy to transform it into electricity and, although it has been available for several years in all kinds of formats, panels are hardly being known transparent.

These translucent solar panels can be installed directly on the windows of your home without obscuring the view or blocking it, but working in the same way as conventional ones and generating the same amount of sustainable energy.


7. Stealth Helmet

Safety when riding a bike is essential, so you should have elbow pads, knee pads, gloves and of course a helmet. On this occasion, we find ourselves before an invisible helmet that is worn around the neck and is equipped with a series of sensors that, when detecting a collision, activate the deployment of the built-in airbag in charge of withstanding the impact.

8. Smart light bulb

Among the technological inventions, the smart light bulb stands out, which can now work with particular installations that provide personalized operation and performance, according to your specific needs and even connect with smart devices, such as smartphones, to be controlled remotely. These types of bulbs can both change color and intensity and even show a color pattern that you can choose to your liking.


9. Cloud storage

One of the most important inventions of recent years is cloud storage. This access is possible through various devices, accounts and interfaces that save your information of interest online, so that you can review it without having to consume storage space directly on your device.

The use of cloud storage has made it possible to reduce paper consumption, as well as the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


10.Smart Home

Another of the technologies of the future that you can enjoy to make your home more ergonomic and automatic are the Smart Home systems.

The capacity of this type of installation may seem like technology of the future, but the truth is that more and more devices in regular use take advantage of their connectivity to support smart systems in homes.

The modern Smart Home can be made up of multiple devices and installations at home, allowing you to control the functions of a wide variety of gadgets and appliances from a single device or automate their performance according to your habits.

As many will notice, the future promises many exciting and interesting things, which can range from facilitating day-to-day tasks to taking care of the environment. In any of the cases, the important thing is to learn how these new proposals work, in order to be able to take advantage of them from the beginning. 

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