Meet the best camera models for children

The little ones in the house usually show high degrees of creativity and interest in capturing images, so instead of inhibiting them, it is prudent to enhance their art through special photo cameras for them. This market is booming, so the options are many and one way to promote your creativity is with real models, not toys.

If you have considered buying a camera for your child, but you are hesitant to do so because it is complex, expensive, heavy and difficult to handle for a child, then you should no longer worry, because there are convenient alternatives so that the smallest of the home can practice their photography skills.

Almost all children are attracted to cameras and photographs. Being able to capture images that will later appear on a screen is quite a feat for them and, more than entertainment, it can be a talent. 

The recurring response of parents is to buy them a toy camera, colorful and with sounds, but it does not shoot a single photo and therefore there is no image on the screen, which ends up disappointing the little ones (over 3 years old), after the emotion of receiving the “camera”.

But, what to do, risk the camera falling to the ground and being damaged? Lend them the mobile and expose themselves to misconfiguration of applications or falls? Nobody wants any of these options. For this reason, the appropriate thing would be to acquire an alternative that is efficient and functional, with which they can take photos and that is also resistant, but above all that has an affordable price and is recognized as the best camera on the market, in order to ensure that At least they won’t be disappointed. 

A smart purchase 

There are many positive features that can be achieved in a camera for children, but the most important thing when making a choice is to avoid buying models that are made by toy companies. Although the price of these models may be attractive and their colorful aesthetics, looking robust and large, the truth is that the quality of these alternatives leaves much to be desired, being a common toy, but more sophisticated. 

On the contrary, a camera even for children should not have toy properties. However, it is necessary that it be easy to use and of a suitable size that facilitates its grip and with a light weight. 

In addition, it must have a good quality for capturing images. Even if it is for the little ones, you cannot be mediocre in relation to resolution. If a poor model is purchased, there will be no image quality. Therefore, the minimum that should be accepted is an alternative with 2 megapixels, which will allow printing photos of at least 10X15. 

Another quality that should not be neglected in a camera for children is video. The appropriate thing is that it includes video mode, just like conventional adult cameras. This will allow children to expand their imagination and forge tastes towards cinema, journalism, among other careers, motivating their creativity by producing visual content.

In the same way, it is necessary that the camera that is selected be equipped with a main screen with LCD technology and large dimensions, since this attribute will be what will cause the most interest in the little ones.

As for the design, they should be simple cameras, but if you can get some flashy model, it will certainly be more attractive to the child. They also need to be shock and water resistant. 

Another feature is the price. In the market you can get from cheap models, to others with a higher price, it being appropriate to select an alternative that has good performance, at an affordable price. 

some alternatives

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10

This is an instant camera model suitable for children, because it has mixed properties, being analog and digital at the same time. This alternative does not eject the image after taking it, but allows review and editing through the LCD screen, giving the possibility to select which one to print. It has an internal storage capacity for 50 photos and the possibility of expanding with microSD. Its price is about 250 euros. 

Fujifilm FinePix XP120

Far from being a toy, this equipment is a camera with an adequate image quality of 16.4 megapixels. Its operation is simple and it is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a gallery of filters for images and is resistant to water and shock, tolerating being submerged up to 20 meters. Its price ranges from 190 to 220 euros, depending on the color.

Vtech KidiZoom Duo

One of the advantages of this model is that it has large buttons and is colorful, as well as resistant. It has a body with a rubber surface that absorbs shocks in case of falls. However, to avoid them, he has a wide grip. It is equipped with a low resolution LCD screen and includes five games. Its price is around 70 euros and can be selected between blue or pink. 

Ricoh WG-50

Unlike previous models, this camera alternative has a modern design and is equipped with 16 megapixels as well as FullHD video resolution. It has a resistant structure and can be submerged up to 14 meters. In addition, it works under any conditions, being classified as off-road and includes six LED lights for greater illumination during shots. Its price is about 305 euros. 

nikon coolpix w300

Nikon presented the w300 model as an alternative for children, being complete and functional. It is equipped with 4K video recording, 16-megapixel resolution, built-in GPS, and Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, it has other features such as depth gauge, altimeter and 3-inch OLED main screen and water resistance to submerge up to 30 meters. It is available in several colors and according to it, its price varies between 365 and 430 euros. 

Olympus Tough TG-5

This camera is resistant and robust, with the capacity to be submerged up to 15 meters underwater, being able to record 4K videos and take photos. It has a resolution of 12 megapixels and a 3-inch LCD screen. Its price is around 420 euros, but if you look for it with a strap and casing to dive deeper, its price increases to about 730 euros. By adding other elements such as underwater flash, it can cost up to 1,100 euros.

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