Methods to change username in Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system allows users to identify their computers, with a username and password. This username will be the one that will appear in all the user’s Microsoft products, since a company account is used for this. 

A common question among users of computers with Windows 10 installed is how they can change the name of the PC. In case you have received a used or second-hand computer , with the operating system already installed, it is possible that the old user appears and you want to know how you can change it. 

Changing the Windows 10 user is a very simple process, which will also allow you, among other things, to change the user photo. These two elements go hand in hand and are displayed on the screen, every time you log in, as well as in the Windows task menu. At the same time, they will be displayed in all Microsoft products, since to change it you will have to use a company account, so it will appear every time you open other company products such as Microsoft Outlook and Office.

In this sense, in older versions of Windows, to change the user it was only necessary to access the control panel of the operating system and make a change. However, now the process is a bit more complicated, as you need to create a Microsoft Windows 10 account .

How to change an administrator account in Windows 10

To start this process, simply open the Windows 10 menu, by clicking on the icon that appears on the taskbar or with the “Windows” key. Next, click on the profile image that appears on the left, on the basic system control icons. 

Clicking on the image will display a menu with several management options, on the profile image. In this menu you can change users, log out or change account settings. To continue, you must select “Change account settings”, to open the section with all the configuration options for your Microsoft account.

Because Windows 10 account information is taken directly from Microsoft accounts, you’ll need to select the “Manage my Microsoft account” option , which appears in the menu just below your profile picture and username.

Clicking on this option will open the account management page in your default browser (if you have not configured it, your default browser will be Microsoft Edge). Already on the page, you have to click on the option: “More actions” and look for “Edit profile” in the drop-down menu that is displayed.

Doing so will bring you to a new web page displaying all of your Microsoft user profile data. This is where you will be able to change your username, by selecting the “Edit name” option , you will be able to configure all aspects of your account, both your first and last names, as well as your profile picture, by selecting the “Change image” option. ”.

Before you can make changes to these options, you will need to solve a security captcha. Once you have resolved it, you can click on “Save” so that Microsoft saves the new information.

If you have also chosen to change your image, a new screen will open where you can upload an image from your computer. Once uploaded, you can edit and crop it to fit the Windows 10 frame. 

From this page, you can also change your Windows 10 password , in case you have forgotten it or it has been compromised. From the page, you can select the option “I have forgotten my password”, when you press it, an email will be sent to you and you will have to follow some very simple steps to reset it.

Finally, for the changes to the user and the image of Windows 10 to take effect, you will have to restart the computer . Sometimes the system doesn’t recognize the change at first, so you may have to restart your computer more than once.

Change Windows 10 PIN

If what you want is to change the Windows 10 password, you can do it by accessing the Windows start menu and looking for the “Settings” option, which is the gear-shaped icon. Within Settings, look for the “Accounts” section and in it “Login Options” and “Passwords”. To change it, just follow the steps indicated by the system and finish saving all the changes. 

In case you have forgotten the Windows 10 password, you will have to repeat the steps that we have explained in the previous section, to change the username, and select the option “I have forgotten my password”. If you’re using a Windows Hello PIN, when you sign in with your computer, you can select the “I forgot my PIN” option and follow the steps there.

Finally, to delete a Windows 10 user profile, from the “User accounts” option, within the Control Panel, you will have to select the “Manage another account” option and, within the options that are presented, choose the one you want. you want to delete and click on the “Delete account” button.

In this simple way you can manage everything related to your user and administrator account name, as well as the password with which you log in to Windows 10.

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