Nikon Coolpix B500 Reviews

Main advantage:

This Nikon photo camera stands out for the advanced features with which it has been equipped. Although it is not a professional model, it has WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth, which allows a constant connection of the device with other equipment.

Main disadvantage:

Although it has a high-end performance, it does not link properly through the main application with the mobile to download the photos, as the process can be confusing.

Verdict: 9.4/10

Its affordable price, functional design and high-end properties make this camera from the manufacturer Nikon one of the favorites of users for being practical and providing high-resolution and quality photographs in each of the shots.

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Main Features Explained


If cameras stand out for something, it is because they have functional designs, which have been designed to be practical and provide the user with better handling of the equipment, facilitating access to functions and settings, while offering the possibility of a Optimized grip to ensure stability during photo capture.

In this sense, the manufacturer Nikon has complied with these design standards with its Coolpix B500 model which, although it is not a professional style reflex camera, nor a very compact one, is located in the middle of both models, being a point balance for those who want professional photography, but with an affordable camera and easy-to-control features.

The Coolpix B500 model is available in black and its appearance is conventional. On the front there is the labeling of the brand and model in white, while on the back there are the buttons to access the main functions and camera settings.

It has a relatively light weight of less than 600 grams and can be easily held, because part of its structure has been designed with a non-slip material surface that provides better grip on the hands to prevent falls and damage. Also, its body has an ergonomic handle, which molds to the shape of the hand to have greater firmness and reduce fatigue.

Sensor and photos

Camera prices vary according to brand and model. Depending on the series, the sensors and quality of the photographs can change and it will be this attribute that will affect the definition and detail of the photographs in general. In the case of this Nikon model, it is one of the most sought after because it has been equipped with a 16 MP CMOS sensor, for sharper, clearer and more detailed images.

Likewise, for better-achieved photographs, the Coolpix B500 incorporates a 40 X optical zoom, with an f/3.3-6.5 diaphragm. In addition, the zoom is expandable through Dynamic Fine Zoom, capable of 80x magnification. As a result, the photographer will obtain precise and high-definition compositions in colors, brightness and lighting, which will make each shot a work worth admiring.

This Nikon camera is not only capable of taking pictures, but also, within its main functions, it is capable of capturing videos with the possibility of adjusting the viewing angles. The moving scenes captured with this device can be recorded in high definition at 1080 pixels and incorporates a vibration reduction function, thanks to its four axes, which minimizes shaking and reduces distortion caused by the blur effect.

display and sync

If you want the best photo camera of the moment, you need to keep in mind that the accessibility and compatibility that the device has with other equipment will be essential when making an intelligent choice, because it will be through these means that the content will come out of the camera and can be shared.

Aware of this need for data transfer, Nikon has equipped this model with cutting-edge technologies for communication between equipment, be it tablets or smartphones. Therefore, it has built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth, which facilitate the constant connection between devices. On the other hand, you can sync the camera to the device and share photos quickly.

In addition, to enjoy the images from the camera, it has a folding screen, with a dimension of 3 inches and low consumption LCD technology, in which the photographs can be observed and the new images to be captured can be viewed. Accessibility is reportedly easy, and shooting settings can be adjusted in scene, sports, or auto mode, using a dial on top.

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