Nikon Coolpix P900 Reviews

Main advantage:

This model of Nikon camera is equipped with a powerful lens that allows you to zoom in and zoom up to 83X, with the possibility of increasing it up to 166X in digital.

Main disadvantage:

There are those who have had problems with the capture speed of the camera and with the instruction manual because it is only available in English.

Verdict: 9.9/10

With a functional and practical design of 900 grams, this model is among the favorite cameras of users for being equipped with a 3-inch screen and advanced functions, among which GPS, WiFi and NFC stand out.

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Main Features Explained


This model from the manufacturer Nikon is often recognized as the best compact camera on the market because it has a functional, practical and relatively light design that can be carried from one place to another, to take photographs with a high level of quality. and professional style.

Unlike other models, the Nikon Coolpix P900 camera does not have a reduced design, since its dimensions are 10.32 cm high, 13.74 cm long and 13.95 cm wide, while its weight is 900 grams. However, its structure is functional and it is ergonomically designed to facilitate its holding and grip, through a textured surface that adjusts to the shape of the hands. In relation to its aesthetic design, it has a classic style that is available in black and includes the supports to add the straps that facilitate its portability on the neck, in order to achieve captures more immediately.

On the other hand, this model is equipped with an LCD technology screen, which has dimensions of 3 inches and is foldable, which provides flexibility of angles to observe the images captured in detail, with a high level of contrast and lighting, being suitable even for high light conditions.

Resolution and zoom

The quality of compact cameras is usually measured by the resolution with which they capture images. The greater the stability and sharpness of the graphics, the better their rating. Therefore, the Nikon brand has provided this model with a resolution of 16 megapixels. In addition, it has other attributes such as technological sensors, among them, the backlit CMOS that improves the quality of the captured photographs, with defined shots.

These characteristics make the model one of the favorites, which is why it has positive opinions among users regarding its performance in capturing photographs, with different exposures of lighting, contrast and colors, even at night. In turn, these advanced resolution properties are complemented by the addition of an electronic viewfinder, which enhances images for greater detail, with reduced noise and increased sharpness.

On the other hand, the manufacturer Nikon has equipped the Coolpix P900 camera with a high-end lens and an optical zoom, which provides a zoom level of 83X. Thanks to this lens, which is also expandable up to 166x, the camera has wide-angle coverage, ranging from 24mm to 2000mm telephoto, capturing details that are imperceptible to the naked eye by the human eye.

Videos and advanced features

There are those who consider that the price of the Nikon Coolpix P900 can be high. However, if its properties and advanced functions are analyzed, its cost is competitive and even attractive for the range and features it offers the user. In addition to taking clear and quality photos, this model has the function to record videos with a high definition resolution in each shot.

One of the advantages in relation to the recording function is that it has vibration reduction, with double detection optics with five steps. This allows shots, both for stills and handheld videos, to be stable and movement from the lens is reduced, which absorbs vibrations and therefore the movement that blurs images.

In addition, the camera is equipped with advanced functions to share content with other devices via WiFi connection and with the NFC function, through which it is possible to transfer photos by simply joining another device that also has the option activated. In addition to these two methods, this camera has the alternative of transferring files conventionally via USB cable.

Another of the advanced functions that Nikon has incorporated into this device is rapid shooting and, to ensure geolocation, it is compatible with international satellite navigation systems such as GPS, GLONASS and QZSS, capable of accurately recording the route and location of each Shooting.

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