Nikon D3400 Reviews

Main advantage:

The D3400 model from the well-known Nikon brand is a reflex camera with a large-capacity lens and an adjustable objective that you can customize depending on the type of photography or video you take.

Main disadvantage:  

One of its disadvantages is that, unlike others, the screen of this model is not foldable, which may be uncomfortable for some photographers when capturing images from difficult angles.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This reflex camera has an attractive design, is robust and offers a fairly complete system for use in home and professional photography. Its evaluation is recommended, since it is striking and useful.

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Main Features Explained


lens and capacity

When looking to invest in the best photo cameras, one of the most important aspects to consider, in addition to price, is the capacity of the equipment. In order to study this detail properly, you will have to look for information about the lens, sensors, optical mechanisms, etc.

Nikon offers you a rather striking camera, since it is a SLR model, specifically the D3400. This equipment has a 24.2 Megapixel lens and an aperture lens between 18 to 55 millimeters AFP VR so you can take incredible photos.

It has a maximum ISO sensitivity of 25,600 to minimize noise in your photos and videos, as well as a high-capacity processor with which you can take up to 100 shots at 5 frames per second for detailed or slow-motion photography.

In addition to this, the Nikon camera works in conjunction with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that, according to its manufacturer, allows you to take approximately 1,200 photographs before requiring a charge. This is more than enough for home use and also professional in case you want it to cover an event such as a concert, a wedding, a meeting, among others.

camera functions

Photo cameras are, according to some opinions, one of the most useful and practical tools of the modern era thanks to the technological advances that have been implemented in some models. For this reason, the next thing we advise you to review are the functions of the camera of your interest.

One of the most useful and striking features is its ability to connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and maintain a permanent link thanks to the Snapbridge system. This will save you from having to pair it every time you turn it on, saving you both time and effort.

The system of the camera itself also has a guide for beginners in which you can activate a special mode in which you can see tips and step-by-step guides in real time. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to learn to use all the available tools.

For the flash, it has a compensation system in case the exposure is oversaturated, a self-timer to take photos from a distance, a microphone for videos and more.

On the other hand, it has an integrated 1.5x optical zoom for those distant shots that, thanks to the power of its lens, could reach a resolution of up to 4,000 Megapixels in vertical mode.


Design and ergonomics

Another feature that experts consider relevant when choosing which camera to buy is its overall design and the level of ergonomics it offers. As you already know, SLR cameras put at your disposal a wide variety of tools to customize the mode and type of photography or video you are doing, therefore, physically check the camera and verify where each button is located to know if it will be comfortable to use. use.

The Nikon D3400 model has a compact, modern and very practical design. Its dimensions are 12.4 x 7.5 x 9.8 centimeters and its weight is just 445 grams, allowing you to store it in any camera bag or also carry it around your neck with a strap, to keep it close at hand. when you need it.

It is black in color and has a thumbwheel at the top that will let you easily change the capture mode depending on the environment or the effect you want to add. In front of it you will find the lens shutter along with three other small buttons with which you can activate the recording mode, obtain information about the capture and zoom in or out.

On the other side of the lens you will find a direct action button for the flash, which will allow you to activate or deactivate it with a simple touch, as well as a screen with its respective control panel on the back of the camera.

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