Nikon D750 Reviews

Main advantage:

The main advantage of this equipment is its potential thanks to the high-capacity and quality accessories that have been integrated in its manufacture. It has good finishes and is attractive to look at.

Main disadvantage:  

You cannot ignore that this offer only includes the camera body without any lenses, so you will have to purchase them separately if you want to take your photos.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you are looking for a camera with which you have the freedom to practice the style of your choice, you can easily consider this alternative from Nikon.

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Main Features Explained

chamber design

Finding a camera at a good price may seem simple, but only if you are looking for a digital or disposable model, since everything changes when we are faced with an SLR camera. These tend to be bulkier and more complicated to handle, so you should first consider their design.

Nikon D750 can become a reference for photographers, as it features a robust, ergonomic and easy-to-handle design. The camera has dimensions of 14 x 11.3 x 7 centimeters and weighs 750 grams without the battery or memory, so it will be easy for you to fit it inside any bag or carry it hanging from your neck to be prepared at all times..

The camera is black in color and has a textured finish on the grip areas, so you can hold it more firmly and take truly amazing photos.

lens capacity

Photo cameras have a fundamental element: their lens. Without it, the camera is practically useless. Therefore, some opinions consider that, to acquire the best photo camera, it is essential to obtain all the details about the capacity of its lens.

This Nikon model has a 24.3 Megapixel lens and a 3.5 x 2.4 centimeter CMOS image sensor capable of offering images with a resolution of up to 4512 x 3008 p. This level of detail and sharpness will let you appreciate your photos in detail.

It is also capable of capturing burst images at 6.5 FPS in case you want to capture a particular moment without actually recording a video. Its image processor is an EXPEED 4 and its ISO range is expandable to a maximum of 50 – 51200 or equivalent.

In addition, the possibility of exchanging lenses will allow you to do practically any style of photography, which will increase your experience and technique to be a better photographer.

integrated accessories

The accessories or complements integrated in the camera refer to all those tools designed to facilitate or extend the use of the camera. It can be made up of a series of accessories or one in particular, whatever the case, we advise you to check if something extra is included with your purchase.

In the case of the Nikon brand product, this camera has a cover to protect the lens from dust and scratches, preventing your photos or videos from being damaged.

It also offers you a 3.2” color folding screen, with which it will be more comfortable for you to take pictures, since you will not depend on an optical viewfinder and, in addition, a smaller LCD type on the top of the equipment, in where the activated capture parameters will be indicated.

On the other hand, the equipment has Wi-Fi wireless connectivity so you can link it to different devices without the need for cables in case you want, for example, to print your photos, transfer them or share them on a social network.

Services offered

Although this is not usually seen in most photographic camera offers, we consider it relevant to mention it regarding this model, due to the advantages that the services offered will grant you if you decide to acquire it.

The Nikon D750 includes with its purchase a free subscription to the Nikon Club, where you will get a 5-year guarantee for your product, 2 photography courses, 1 annual lens cleaning service and 1 inspection and cleaning service for your camera.

These benefits will help keep it free of dirt and dust so you can significantly extend its lifespan, as well as enjoy all the available features.

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