Nikon D7500 Reviews

Main advantage:

This 4k camera has managed to capture the attention of users in different specialized portals, due to the fact that it incorporates special technology, capable of linking the device with the user’s smartphone. Thus, it provides remote-type operation to the equipment.

Main disadvantage:

The instruction manual included in the purchase package has been printed in German, which could represent a problem for those users who do not have knowledge of that language.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is a 4k camera developed by the world-renowned Nikon brand, designed to improve the photographic experience both day and night, due to its high light sensitivity.

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Main Features Explained

SnapBridge connection

The technology applied to the acquired 4k camera is very important, since it determines the quality of the photos and videos, as well as allowing a more intuitive handling. Therefore, the ideal is to investigate a little about this topic before making the purchase, in order to bring a product that is capable of improving your user experience.

In this sense, the Nikon D7500 is a good option among high-end 4k cameras, according to the opinions of users on the web. It is a device equipped with SnapBridge technology, which allows direct linkage with the smartphone, in order to use it with a remote shutter.

This allows more freedom of movement for the person, especially if you fix the camera in a specific place to take a general shot of the space. In this way, the person will not need to constantly reprogram the equipment after each one of the captures, since it can be done sequentially.

It is important to mention that the pairing carried out by said software is through Bluetooth, while the transfer of still and moving image files from the camera to the smartphone is possible thanks to the Wi-Fi connection that has been integrated into the team.


It is a fact that the price of the device to be purchased is one of the first aspects to verify to make the purchase. However, the recommendation when purchasing some of the existing 4k camera models on the market is always going to be to analyze their components to avoid inconveniences when handling the equipment.

In this sense, the screen is an aspect of great importance, since through said surface we will see projected all the still and moving images that we intend to capture with the camera.

With respect to the Nikon D7500 model, this camera with 4k video footage has been provided with a Liquid Crystal Display type screen, known by the acronym LCD. This is the reflective area, responsible for us being able to see the images with all their details and full color. This is because said panel has liquid crystals inside, which light up under the glass of the screen.

In addition, the 3.5-inch screen available in this D7500 camera has a mechanism that can be folded in the vertical direction, which gives the person greater practicality to view the scenarios and have a better perspective of the angles to be used in the shots.

Image quality

The quality of the image captured with the camera should be as sharp, defined and precise as possible, in terms of details and textures. If this is achieved, the person will obtain portraits and videos faithful to reality.

With the Nikon D7500 you can make a detailed recognition of the subject, animal or object captured in the foreground, achieving highly accurate exposures that stand out alongside dynamic compassion. This is possible thanks to the sensor integrated into the device, which performs an RGB measurement of approximately 180,000 pixels. Thus, the camera works with primary colors of light, with the purpose of creating up to a maximum of 16 million shades of light.

On the other hand, there is the integrated AF autofocus system, which works at 51 points. Thus, it manages to accurately track the subject framed under the lens and with a perfect perspective, because from the beginning it locks the focus right on the person or object.

In addition, another favorable aspect of this function is that it does not always require a specific and intense light source; because the ambient lighting supplied by the sun or the moon will suffice, as the case may be. For all this, Nikon D7500 is considered one of the best 4k cameras.

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