Olympus Pen E-PL9 Reviews

Main advantage:

The Olympus camera offers you an ergonomic and easy-to-carry design that doesn’t sacrifice image quality by having several built-in functions and capture modes to suit your needs.

Main disadvantage:

One aspect that should be reviewed in this Olympus camera is the configuration system, since it could not be more friendly and intuitive to facilitate the handling of the device’s functions.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you’re looking for a camera that’s compact in size, but good for casual photography and video, this alternative offers modern design, innovative technology, and a good lens.

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Main Features Explained

Olympus camera design

When reviewing which could be the best Olympus cameras on the market, it is important to pay special attention to the design of the different models, as well as to evaluate them based on their type, whether it is a compact digital camera, an SLR or something else.

Here we find a portable-sized digital camera that has dimensions of 11.7 x 3.9 x 6.8 centimeters, in case you want to carry it even in your jacket pocket. In addition, its weight is just 380 grams, being very light to handle and comfortable to hang around the neck with a strap.

Its casing has robust, pleasant-to-the-touch and durable manufacturing finishes, as well as being textured for a better grip during focusing when taking photos and videos. Besides, on both sides you will find rigid rings so you can install wrist straps or any decoration of your choice.

optical system

One of the factors that must be carefully evaluated when reviewing Olympus camera options is their optical system. Since we are talking about cameras for taking photos and videos, it is essential to be aware of its capacity when working with its lens.

Reviewing the characteristics of the Olympus product, we find a 16.4 Megapixel lens, which is capable of offering high resolution images and even recording videos in 4K quality.

Added to this, it comes with a built-in 14 – 42mm lens; a tool that will help you take advantage of the lens, as well as obtain a better image focus. The latter leads us to mention that the Olympus camera also has a 5-axis image stabilizer to avoid fuzzy areas in both photos and videos.

capture technology

The opinions of some experts consider that both the technique, the skill and the technologies incorporated in the camera’s capture system are the parameters that define the quality of an image. In this sense, it is convenient to review what technologies the Olympus camera of your interest works with.

Apart from the stabilizer mentioned in the previous space, the Pen E-PL9 model offers an automatic capture mode, which is responsible for adjusting the image parameters by itself according to the characteristics of the environment: light, exposure, brightness, contrast, focus, sharpness and so on. So you won’t have to worry about setting up the camera before each photograph.

In addition to this, the automatic mode of the camera also has a face detection system, in order to increase the quality of focus on the points of interest where the lens is directed.

Handling and ergonomics

Another of the main characteristics to properly evaluate a photo camera is the management system it offers, as well as the interface, menu, configuration, among others. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that this aspect can determine part of the sale price of an Olympus camera, since the more ergonomic and complete it is, the more attractive it will be for the consumer.

In this case, it is worth noting the presence of a folding screen on the back of the camera, which you can adjust to a 90° angle to see in real time what is captured by the lens from the front. In addition, the screen is equipped with touch sensors that will help you access the functions, modes and shortcuts available in the Olympus camera system.

On the other hand, a striking and practical detail of the folding capacity of this screen is that it has a positional recognition system, in which it detects your viewing angle to automatically activate the Self-service function. It offers everything you need to take selfie photos, including e-Portrait image enhancement technology, so your shots look amazing.

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