Olympus WS-852 Reviews

Main advantage:

This Olympus brand voice recorder is equipped with quality microphones that efficiently capture ambient sounds and audio with an adequate sound level and low noise, because it has a filter against distortion.

Main disadvantage:

This voice recorder model includes the speaker option within its functions. However, it is preferable to listen to the recordings with headphones, because without them the audio is poor.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Its price, design, portability and functions are some of the attributes that make the Olympus WS-852 model a good performance alternative suitable for capturing clear and enveloping sounds.

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Main Features Explained

Design and portability

If voice recorders stand out for something, it is because they are small and portable equipment. In this way, it is not surprising that the Olympus brand has followed these standards with its WS-852 model which, according to user opinions, is positioned as one of the most efficient and suitable of its kind. 

Weighing 77 grams, this voice recorder is one of the lightest and most portable on the market. In addition, its design is discreet and elegant, available in black and silver. Its low weight allows it to be carried comfortably and held in the hands while obtaining the required audio. At the same time, it can be placed on a surface and it will remain stable, because it includes a bracket on the back, to strategically point the microphones in the direction of the sound. 

Its dimensions are 1.8 cm wide by 11.15 cm high. For this reason, the Olympus WS-852 voice recorder is classified as compact. Its portability properties are completed with the incorporation of a neoprene cover, which serves to store the device safely while it is not being used, in order to avoid bumps and damage to the structure during transfers.

Connectivity and display

Being able to link the voice recorder to other devices, to share the files obtained, is almost as important as the quality of the audio, since many users need to edit the material and transfer it to the computer. For this reason, this Olympus model is equipped with a USB connection with retractable properties. This means that it comes out of the structure of the recorder itself and that, without the need for cables, it can be connected to the USB port of the computer to start the data transfer.

The connectivity of this device is not only limited exclusively to the USB connection. Although it is equipped with an internal memory of 4 GB, it has a slot to expand this capacity through the use of a removable SD card. These properties are part of the advantages that can be obtained within the functions presented by the Olympus WS-852 model, which also has an attractive price, compared to other models of similar standards. 

On the other hand, it has a screen with contrast levels that can be adjusted according to lighting requirements. On this large screen you can access pertinent information about the audios and the recording status, such as data regarding time, folder, date and time.

Audio modes and quality

This Olympus WS-852 digital model has high-end features. For this reason, it is considered by many users to be the best voice recorder that can be found on the market. Its design and compatibility attributes are accompanied by efficient operation, with appropriate performance for collecting audio with quality and precision sounds. 

This is because the recorder has stereo microphones and several modes to enhance the sound, through a simple or smart option. In addition, it is equipped with a special noise reduction filter that, when activated, improves audio conditions by minimizing distortions, to focus on clear and precise sounds that are emitted during the recording time. 

Therefore, this is a stereo recorder with intelligent performance and the ability to record up to 1040 hours of precise audio. Recordings can be efficiently searched for a specific second of playback, split and delete files, and even suppress noise at playback time. This last feature is usually common during sound acquisition but, in the case of the Olympus WS-852, noise is reduced on already captured audio. In addition, it incorporates a function to search for files by calendar.

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