Opinions about Apple iPad Air

Main advantage:

The best thing about iPad Air, especially this model, is its storage and processing power. Really, this is a powerful product that has ample memory to store everything that is important to you.

Main disadvantage:

Apple products have the disadvantage that they are only compatible with accessories made exclusively for them.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The iPad Air is an Apple alternative that manages to be functional for those who want a high-end product, and also for casual users who want something simple. Therefore, it is one of the most balanced and complete tablets of the brand.

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Main Features Explained


The iPad Air may be a little smaller than Apple’s PRO options, however, when it comes to design, this model retains the elegance and fine finishes that characterize the brand’s more advanced alternatives. iPad Air comes in a range of colors including gold, silver, and space gray, and no matter which shade you choose, it will still look professional and polished.

As for its dimensions, this model has a height of 25.06 centimeters, a width of 17.41 centimeters and, the most surprising thing, is its thickness of just 0.61 centimeters. Thanks to these measures, it will not be difficult to transport the tablet from one place to another anywhere, be it a backpack or a purse. In addition to that, being so thin and weighing just 456 grams, it is an option that can be handled easily and comfortably.

Of its total measurements, the screen covers 10.5 inches. This means that there is a large enough surface to visualize any small detail and, additionally, that there is space to draw or make designs using a compatible pencil, such as the Apple Pencil. In addition to being a structure compatible with these pencils, the iPad Air can also be complemented with a Smart Keyboard of the brand.

Technical specifications

When it comes to tablets, few models come close to the technical performance of an Apple electronic tablet. This company stands out for its technological advances in various areas of the market, however, its iPads really give people something to talk about, because their qualities always stand out.

The multiple positive opinions about this product could make it be considered the best tablet of the moment, since this iPad Air is suitable for both casual users and those who require a little more power. To make this possible, Apple has given this product a fairly large storage capacity of 64 GB. In addition, to be able to run different programs and applications, the 3 GB RAM will give you smooth performance without overheating.

Added to all this is one of the most powerful chips for tablets, the Apple A12 Bionic, which has 6 64-bit cores, divided into two high-performance and four high-efficiency cores. This offers fast processing that manages to reduce energy consumption without affecting activity. This chip is complemented by an 8-core neural network system that manages to perform trillions of operations per second. Still, despite all this activity, the battery will manage to stay charged for up to 9 hours of continuous use.


The technology of the iPads is what makes these products, despite their price, continue to be preferred by millions of people around the world who want to have an electronic tablet. And it is that Apple, as a company, does not skimp when it comes to using the best components and guaranteeing an optimal and innovative technological level.

The iPad Air is a model that many use for illustration and design, therefore, this product has a screen that is up to the requirements of these activities. This piece, with multi-touch technology for ease of use, uses an LED backlight with a reflectivity of 1.8% and a wide color gamut to give you colors in great detail and naturally, thanks to the True Tone system. All this, plus the ambient light sensor, provide a correct display.

As for the sound, this product has stereo speakers and a double microphone to make the recording of your voice much better in calls, videos or audios. Thanks to this, you won’t have a problem talking to Siri either, so you can interact with her and use all the features she offers.

Finally, to ensure the security of your iPad, this model has also incorporated Touch ID as an unlock option.

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