Opinions about Apple Watch Series 3 GPS

Main advantage:

It is a good performance device with sufficient autonomy for day to day; and that offers useful functions to manage certain functions of the phone without having to take it out.

Main disadvantage:

You must be very careful when you use it, since its screen is completely exposed and can be easily scratched, although you can also install a plastic or glass protector as you prefer, to protect it.


Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a smartwatch that, in addition to being beautiful and elegant, can also be customized according to the user’s style and offers a wide variety of applications to download.

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Main Features Explained


aesthetic design

The devices of the well-known Apple brand have stood out for maintaining a minimalist and elegant style in their equipment, something that the best smartwatches of their lines do not escape. On this occasion, our attention will focus on the Apple Watch Series 3, since, according to some opinions, it is one of the best purchase alternatives on the market.

This modern and attractive smartwatch is 42 mm, being suitable for wrists with a circumference between 140 to 210 mm. It’s lightweight, and the strap is ergonomic enough to feel comfortable against your skin while still doing its job of keeping your device in place.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the external case of the watch is made of aluminum and has a matte finish, something that combines quite well with different styles of dress and even by exchanging the straps.


smartwatch interface

One of the aspects that has made the Apple brand stand out above other competitors is the development and exclusivity offered by its software. Being the designers of both smartwatches and their OS, they can ensure proper response and performance on a par with their devices.

And that is something that can be easily enjoyed on the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS, since it has a 1.65” OLED screen capable of reaching a resolution of 390 x 312p, showing sharp images and easy-to-read text, which increases the overall ergonomics of the device.

Evaluating the OS, this model works with the watchOS 4 version, which currently has updates up to the watchOS 4.3.2 version, constantly offering improvements and innovations for your wrist device. The OS, in addition, works without jams and the fluidity is appreciable when handling the computer screen.

device features

Many times, the sale price of a smartwatch is based largely on what it is capable of doing, whether it is taking advantage of the capacity of its OS or the sensors that it has incorporated to work. Also, do not forget that it is a gadget that is carried as an accessory, so your studies can be very valuable.

Reviewing the specifications of the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS, the device provides multiple readings, making use of sensors such as barometers, altimeters, gyroscopes, speedometers, heart rate detectors, among others. It also works in conjunction with an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen and has GPS to know your global position with ease.

In addition to this, you should also consider the number of applications available in the App Store designed exclusively for the device, where you can use messaging services, music players, notifications, news, and much more directly from the gadget on your wrist.

Autonomy and connection

The daily work of each person varies according to their responsibilities, tastes and preferences, but the truth is that a high percentage of the population spends many hours away from home and, during this time, they regularly use their electronic devices. In this sense, it is important to evaluate the autonomy of the smartwatch of your interest, in order to choose a model suitable for your lifestyle.

Considering the above, it could be said that the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS is an alternative for a wide variety of consumers, since it can be used in the casual, office and sports environment, taking into account its functions and sensors.

Also, the device’s lithium-ion battery is up to the demanding requirements, being able to provide up to 18 hours of autonomy, so you don’t have to worry about having to charge it again during the day. In terms of connectivity, its Bluetooth link is quite stable and offers an immediate response time for commands entered through the smartwatch.

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