Opinions about ASUS GL753VD-GC009

Main advantage:

It is a laptop for gamers that has the necessary components to run demanding titles, as well as an attractive, sporty and very robust design to withstand intense use.

Main disadvantage:

Although it is a portable model, the size of its parts increases its weight to approximately 3 kilograms, higher than what a home use laptop would weigh.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a device that you can use to run programs and applications with high graphics and processing requirements, thanks to the capacity of the computer in general. We advise you to take it into account.

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Main Features Explained

computer design 

If you want to buy one of the best laptops, you should pay attention to its design so that you can choose a model that is easy and comfortable to transport, especially if you plan to use it a lot outside the home. However, you should keep in mind that high-capacity equipment can be a little larger and heavier than regular equipment. And that is something that you should consider regarding the option in laptops offered by the ASUS brand. The GL753VD-GC009 model is a device that has dimensions of 27.3 x 3.2 x 41.5 centimeters and weighs approximately 3 kilograms. These measurements are mainly due to the size of its screen, but you can enjoy high resolution and playback capacity on the go.

Another notable aspect of the design of this laptop is its case. It is made of aluminum and has a brushed finish that makes the device attractive to the eye, modern and resistant. It is black in color with only minor orange accents to keep it looking sleek and professional for gamers.

For its part, the cover of the casing is quite striking. Although it maintains the predominant style in dark color and brushed finish, it also has the brand’s logo and two angled lines as decoration. In addition, they have a backlight system, which will turn on every time you open the laptop.

On the right side of the ASUS laptop you will find two USB ports, as well as a disk drive. For its part, on the left side of the device you will have access to two extra USB ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI, a 3.5-millimeter Jack, among other useful components for connecting the computer with various storage or transfer devices.

capacity and storage

It may be that the graphics and processing capacity are one of the characteristics that most affect the price of a certain laptop, but some opinions agree that you can find a model that is good value for money to give it the use you need, either for work, study or play.

In the case of the alternative model GL753VD-GC009 of the ASUS brand, it should be noted that it is a computer designed for gamers, since it has components with a high capacity for graphics and audio processing.

Specifically, this computer works with a Seventh Generation Intel Core processor capable of reaching speeds of up to 3.8 GHz which, added to its 8 GB of RAM, give this computer quite agile performance for starting the operating system, as well as in the use of different applications and programs. If 8 GB is not enough for you, don’t worry, since the board supports the installation of a maximum of 32 GB of RAM for your enjoyment.

As for the graphic aspect, the ASUS team has for you an integrated Nvidia GeForce graphics card from the GTX model 1050 line. This card offers a total of 2 GB dedicated exclusively to the development of the graphics that will be displayed on your monitor. With the components mentioned above, this computer will allow you to run next-generation video games without problems, although it is likely that you will have to sacrifice a bit of resolution, due to the current demands of some titles.

On the other hand, it should be noted that you will have two storage units available: a 1 TB capacity hard drive where you can store all kinds of files, documents, etc., in addition to a 128 GB SSD to install the operating system of your preference and can boot more smoothly.

screen and keyboard

The last aspect that we advise you to take into account before making the purchase decision about which laptop to take home, are its screen and keyboard, since these are the elements with which you will work more closely, apart from the mousepad.

In this category, the ASUS brand has shown remarkable improvement over time as it has surpassed the quality of its product finishes and the ASUS GL753VD-GC009 laptop is a good example of this.

This model has a 17.3” type LED screen, capable of displaying images with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p so you can enjoy high definition at all times. The equipment system offers drivers for managing the screen parameters, allowing you to choose different display modes depending on the one that is most comfortable or recommended for your eyes.

It is also important to mention that the ASUS team integrated a matte coating on the screen, which is intended to minimize reflections that could make it difficult to read or understand what is being projected on the monitor.

Regarding the keyboard, which has been installed on this laptop for gamers, it stands out that it has a complete QWERTY layout, so you don’t miss any keys, as well as a numeric pad that will make it easier for you to use applications such as the calculator or to enter data in some platform.

The keyboard has a soft-touch finish so you can write and play comfortably and its own backlighting system with RGB technology, so you can change the colors according to your preference using the software developed by the manufacturer. This detail will give you the possibility to adjust the brightness level, change the color patterns, turn off the backlight, among others.

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