Opinions about BQ Witbox 2

Main advantage: 

This BQ model is efficient and fast, with high-end operation because it is capable of printing at a resolution of up to 20 microns, with a speed estimated at 200 millimeters per second.

Main disadvantage: 

Although its performance is optimized, this 3D printer requires continuous maintenance to keep its products of high quality, which is a regular investment of money.

Verdict: 9.3/10

It is considered among the most outstanding 3D printers of the year for its quality and printing speed, which are complemented by an appropriate, compact design and accepts the use of USB cards.

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Main Features Explained


3D printers are efficient machines with which different results can be achieved depending on the material being worked with and the creativity of each person. Although they are state-of-the-art equipment, the opinions of users agree that they must be easy to use and have a practical design, which improves the experience and makes the time of use easier. 

All these features are present in the BQ Witbox 2 model, which has a slim and elegant design. This printer has a shape similar to that of a box and from the outside it is possible to observe the progress of the printing because the central structure of its body is transparent.

Within its physical characteristics, the BQ Witbox 2 model has approximate dimensions of 50.8 by 48.5 by 46.1 cm (with the coil added) and its weight, although high, 31 kilos, is considered within the light ones. Either way, it requires a stable, flat surface to support it.

In addition, the printer is equipped with a door that includes a security lock, to prevent it from opening during the printing process. Similarly, it has a power system on the back, which is inspired by the Fibonacci curve and has a small screen on the front.

Resolution and operation

Finding the best 3D printer on the market is hard work. However, this BQ model is equipped with the technological conditions that are close to the standards of the most demanding users, because it has an adequate resolution, which provides high-end results.

The Witbox 2 printer has a resolution of up to 20 microns and is capable of printing at a maximum speed of 200 millimeters per second, which is fast when compared to proposals from other similar brands. This printing time may vary due to the materials used, the profile and the software that is being used. 

In addition, this model has been equipped by its manufacturer with a self-leveling system, so that it is not necessary to adjust the bed manually. When this system comes into operation, the printer is capable of calculating by itself the degree of unevenness, thanks to the fact that it has a special sensor that can induce the result. Therefore, only the movement needs to be adjusted on the motors, which will lead to an accurate print, even if the surface is tilted. With this BQ printer you can work on materials such as filaflex, ABS, nylon, PLA, among others, in different diameters.

Compatibility, software and accessories

The price of a 3D printer varies according to the model and its specifications. Although the cost of this BQ alternative is high, it is compensated by its compatibility and operation, both mechanical and electronic, as well as the software.

For example, access to documents or jobs to be processed can be done through the use of an SD card or USB memory, since the printer is equipped with an SD card reader and a USB type B port. 

In addition, it works with special software that has been designed by the company that manufactures the printer, so it has an improved and simple interface that includes sleep mode. Also, its compatibility is suitable for operating systems Windows XP and later, as well as Linux, Mac OS X and later. 

On the other hand, this printer includes a quick guide to understand its operation. Likewise, an extensive list of helpful accessories, among which are: a cold printing base, a set of keys, a pair of side panels and a top panel, a USB cable, a European power cable, a UK feed, one spool of 1.75mm diameter PLA filament, one 4GB SD card, one test print, four printer support legs, two cleaning needles, one scraper, one wire bristle brush and wrenches Allen of 0.15, 0.2, 0.25 and 0.4 cm.

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