Opinions about Elegoo Mars

Main advantage: 

This 3D printer from the manufacturer Elegoo is equipped with a 3.5-inch color touch screen, which in turn includes the ChiTu Elegoo 5.0 system, a fast, simple and practical software that can finish the product in just five minutes. 

Main disadvantage:

It is necessary that, as soon as the package is received, it is verified that all the components are included, because the replacement sheets or the offers that are included in the cost may not be included. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

This model is considered one of the best 3D printers on the market, due to its adequate price-quality ratio, since it has a robust and stable structure, which prints to scale with great detail and incorporates professional software. 

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Main Features Explained

Software and usage

The opinions of users about 3D printers indicate that they value models that have been equipped by their manufacturers with an adequate compatibility system, as well as software that facilitates their use and allows them to get more out of the equipment, even if they do not have knowledge professionals.

One of the most sought-after alternatives on the market is the Elegoo Mars, because it has optimized operation and has been enabled with simple software, which improves the use of its features.

Therefore, it incorporates the latest version of CHITUbox Slicing, a software that provides the user with a fast and efficient experience. According to estimates, this program takes only one minute to split files, which with other splitting mechanisms would take more than 10 minutes. 

Thanks to this property, as well as other features in the simplicity of its system, this equipment is practical to use for anyone, even if they have no prior knowledge or have never used a 3D printer. In fact, this operating system is one of the most popular and competes among the best of the moment, due to its fluidity and performance, so that technical service should only be used in the event of problems with the 3D printing equipment. 

Accuracy and speed

Some models have been equipped by their manufacturers with features that allow them to position themselves as the best options. Thus, the Elegoo Mars is considered within this group, due to the quality and properties it includes.

This offering from Elegoo boasts a high resolution as it has a high definition 2K masking LCD screen with 2560 by 1440, which provides precise prints with an XY axis resolution quality of 0.00185 inches by 0.047 millimeters.

Likewise, it is an efficient team, with optimized performance, that can complete a project in a convenient time. The manufacturer estimates that, depending on the type of resin used, the first layers take no more than 12 seconds, while the following ones can take at least 8 seconds, which is an adequate printing speed.

In addition, the final result of the pieces is precise and with a favorable level of detail. Also, this printer is enabled with 40 W UV lights and, by using the resin of the same brand, higher quality printing will be obtained. 

Design and display

3D printers have different types of operation and designs according to the model and brand. In the case of this proposal, Elegoo Mars is one of the most outstanding for its physical aspects and accessibility, which provides better control of the equipment and its functions.

This model comes from the factory semi-assembled, so you can start your printing project in just five minutes. In relation to its physical properties, the printer has a strong fuselage structure, made of aluminum. In addition, it has an acrylic cover, so it looks modern and elegant, suitable for any workshop or office.

Within its structure, it has been equipped with a large 3.5-inch color screen with touch properties. In it you can see a preview of the model and follow the printing process in real time. 

The kit consists of the Mars 3D printer, its build platform, a resin tank, ten funnels, a scraper, a mask, three pairs of gloves, a measuring cup, a 60-watt UL adapter, user instructions, a toolkit, the technical specifications of the equipment and the operating system. With this set of resources, the user can make good use of the device.

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