Opinions about Gigaset A220 Duo

Main advantage: 

Large soft keys with different pressure points will make dialing a phone number easy and comfortable. This detail, which may not seem very important to some, is perfect for seniors who need more space and better viewing.

Main disadvantage: 

The sound quality in the headset isn’t the best and there might be some slight but disturbing noises in the background. If you are very demanding, then this is not your best alternative.

Verdict: 9.7/10

With a traditional design, good price and great performance, this dual set of cordless phones adapts to your needs and will allow you to have a good communication.

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Main Features Explained


There probably isn’t a person in the world who enjoys using things with complicated operation, especially when it comes to cordless phones. People are generally looking for easy-to-use gadgets and for that reason many reviews praise this dual pack of Gigaset phones; its practicality is its most outstanding quality.

This product is suitable for use by young and old alike as it takes little time to learn and its design has been created to suit everyone. The buttons are large and feature multiple pressure-sensitive points so you don’t have to exert as much force on your fingers when dialing a phone number or navigating the menu.

In order not to waste your time, the installation is also a practical and simple process that requires zero effort and you will not need professional help. The base station has the phone pre-registered and that means that as soon as you get home, you can connect the base, place the phone and start using it.

For one cheap price, you’ll get two phones instead of one, and the best part is that they both share the same qualities. That way, you can place the two units at different points in your home.


It is really difficult to choose the best cordless phone, considering all the existing models on the market and their different qualities. However, when it comes to a simple but high-quality model, this phone pack stands out for its cost and quality. From the first moment you pay attention to the screen, you will notice that manufacturers have taken the time to add small details to improve the experience when using it.

The orange backlit LCD display shows more than just the caller ID or phone number, it also includes data that you can configure, such as the exact date and time. That way, you won’t need to check calendars or clocks, just reach for your phone. In addition to this, the phone also includes a signal and battery indicator so you know when to place the unit in its base to be able to recharge.

If you want to have your hands free when communicating, you can activate the option to speak through the loudspeaker and dedicate yourself to other tasks simultaneously. As for the ring melodies, the phone will allow you to choose between 10 different polyphonic tones to have a pleasant ring for you. It is possible to adjust the volume to bring the phone to “mute”, enjoying a moment of silence.

Technical specifications

It is necessary to take into consideration all the opinions about the technical aspects of a phone in order to make a better purchase. In the case of the Gigaset A220 Duo, the two phones are light in weight for easy handling and their dimensions make them easy to place anywhere in your home, as well as carry them in your hand to call from anywhere.

The screen resolution is 5 x 7 pixels, a sufficient amount to display black letters, symbols and numbers on an orange background clearly. The size of this is 1.4 inches, so you will not have to focus too much to detail each aspect that is there. This product works with a voltage of 230 V and with rechargeable triple A alkaline batteries; these are included so you have everything as soon as you get home.

The product has a locator, in case at any time you lose any of the units. With the push of a button on the base, it will call the phone to ring until you find it. The purchase comes with different components included: the two phones, the main and secondary base, the charger, the network cable and, finally, the instruction manual.

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