Opinions about Hori Apex

Main advantage:

It is compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC, so you can use it on the equipment of your choice and enjoy your favorite games like Forza Horizon, F1 and Need for Speed.

Main disadvantage:

Some users comment that the pedals slide on some surfaces, so you should take this into account. However, they fulfill their main functionality without problems.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Due to its realistic size, it will give you the feeling of driving a car, so your gaming experience will be much more immersive than when you play with a PS4 controller.

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Main Features Explained


This flyer is characterized by being customizable; so that you can add a specific function to any of the buttons it has. For example, make the R1 button activate the rear camera of the car, to see who is chasing you.

Also, if you are looking for steering wheels for PS4 with sensitivity adjustment, this could be useful, because you can choose between seven available levels.

Likewise, it should be noted that when you are driving you can raise or lower the gears through practical paddles that come on the back of the steering wheel. Also, you should know that this steering wheel can serve as a controller for different video game genres. This means that you will be able to play various platform titles, soccer, shooter, etc., except for titles that use the central touch button of the DualShock 4.

In addition to this, we mention that, despite its affordable price, it is not only suitable for PS4, but also PS3 and PC. In these other teams you will not have limitations, since all the buttons work. Imagine that you are purchasing a steering wheel control, with all the benefits that both accessories can offer. You can play racing games or simulators, open world titles, etc.

Design and rotation

The model has a diameter of 28 cm, so its size is similar to some racing cars. For this reason, it will make you feel as if you were driving a real vehicle. In addition, it has a 270 degree rotation in simulator mode and 180º in arcade mode for a better gaming experience. When we talk about rotation we refer to the turn given by the steering wheel. With the 270-degree rotation, the steering wheel will have a longer turn, which is very useful for games like Forza Horizon 4 and Gran Turismo Sport.

It also has two fixing options, suction cups, which are highly recommended for smooth surfaces such as glass and support. The latter must be tightened correctly so that the steering wheel is as stable and safe as possible.

Also, we mentioned that it has a modern black design, which matches the color of most PS4 consoles. It also has configurable LEDs, the traditional PlayStation buttons, square, triangle, circle and X, R1, R2, R3, etc. The only thing it doesn’t have is steering joysticks, just a crosshead. However, this can be configured to fulfill different functions of a DualShock 4.

Another aspect of this steering wheel is that it is wireless, so you can connect it via Bluetooth to your console or computer. In addition, it provides you with up to 15 hours of autonomy on a single charge. On the other hand, it has a range of 10 meters, so you can play from the sofa without any problem.

Technology and pedals

Although this wheel does not have FFB or force feedback, it does come with TouchSense technology, which is a vibration function that will allow you to experience total immersion in the game. In addition to this, it has automatic centering, which means that the steering wheel returns to its place of origin when you release it. This is very useful in any racing game as the vehicle quickly returns to straight.

Another aspect that you should know is that it has a simple and intuitive design, so if you want to start in the world of car racing or simulation, this could be the most suitable gaming accessory. Of course, as always, we recommend that you read the instruction manual, because the manufacturer is the best teacher to teach you how to connect, charge or configure the equipment.

Also, this could be the best steering wheel for PS4 regarding ergonomics, since it has a textured rubber grip and resistant materials that make you enjoy a better grip.

And, regarding the pedals, according to the opinions of some users, they are not the strong point of this steering wheel. However, the brake and throttle offer tilt and sensitivity adjustment from 0 to 100%.

Finally, we mention that this steering wheel is compatible with racing game seats, so if you were thinking of buying one, you can do so and thus have an even more realistic experience.

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