Opinions about Huawei Watch GT

Main advantage:

We are faced with a smartwatch option that is both attractive and useful, since it has different sensors at its disposal and a system with functions to analyze routines, display notifications, view information, etc.

Main disadvantage:

There could be a greater variety of options to customize the interface, given that, currently, the available interfaces are few to the taste of some smartwatch users.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The Huawei smartwatch is as beautiful as it is effective, and can become one of your favorite accessories thanks to its performance and the functions it puts at your fingertips.

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Main Features Explained


Utility of the smartwatch

One of the most striking advantages offered by the best smartwatches is the ability to take advantage of their location on the wrist to analyze various aspects of your routines, thus being able to generate samples that add utility to the device.

In this sense, the Huawei smartwatch could be, according to some opinions, a good purchase option, since it has sensors and previously installed analysis applications.

The Watch GT model has an integrated system that supports the processing of 3 global positioning programs, specifically GPS, Galileo and Glonass. In this way, you will be able to select the one that is most practical for you, to take advantage of the satellite connection when locating your position.

It also has a sleep monitoring program, TruSleep 2.0, which was developed with input from the Harvard Medical School CDB Center and focuses on detecting signals to reflect statistical analysis on the quality of rest. This allows you to identify whether or not the user suffers from sleep problems, in order to generate a variety of suggestions that could help with their condition.


installed sensors

Many models of smartwatches have multiple sensors installed, in order to take advantage of the functions of the operating system with which they are working. Therefore, it is necessary to know that many of them are elementary to provide the device with the necessary information to function, although, on occasion, they can raise their price.

In this category, we can highlight the Huawei model, since it is equipped with several devices responsible for making different measurements: an accelerometer (acceleration), a gyroscope (orientation), a magnetometer (magnetic intensity), a barometer (pressure), a meter ambient light and a heart rate meter.

In conjunction with the sensors, the equipment takes advantage of the aforementioned sleep program and, in addition to this, it also works with TruSeen 3.0, which is responsible for constantly monitoring your heart rate using the optical sensor, to help you identify any irregularity.

With this variety of sensors and combined functions, the GT smartwatch is, in addition to an accessory, a very effective tool to accompany you in sports training or simply in your day to day.

Gadget Aesthetics

Among the main features explained, we could not leave out the general design of the smartwatch. Being a device that is worn on the wrist, for many buyers it is important to review its aesthetic characteristics, so that they can choose one that is suitable for both their lifestyle and clothing.

The model offered by the Huawei brand has in its favor a sober and elegant aesthetic, since it is complemented by a light-colored leather strap and a double-crown style that gives the equipment itself a diameter of 10.6 mm.. This size allows you to combine it in casual and office looks without problems.

screen and battery

The components that serve as the input port and autonomy for the smartwatch, that is, its screen and battery are, according to certain opinions, part of the most important features that should be reviewed before choosing which one to buy. Therefore, we advise you to take the time to consider in detail these aspects of the model you are interested in purchasing.

If the device that has caught your attention is the Huawei Watch GT, you will be able to make use of a large 1.39” AMOLED-type screen with integrated touch sensors, which provide fluid performance and a good response attitude towards touches. In addition to this, the screen has a resolution of 454 x 454 p, in order to display sharp images and text that are easy for the user to read.

As for the battery section, the Huawei device has a built-in 420 mAh capacity battery, which can provide several days of autonomy, even if the smartwatch is actively used. So you will not have to be aware of connecting it to the charger at the end of each day.

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