Opinions about LG 28TL510S-PZ

Main advantage:

The most remarkable thing about this LG model is its double functionality between monitor and television. In addition, by having the webOS operating system, it allows you to download entertainment APPS and enjoy Premium content with good image quality.


Main disadvantage:

It has only one USB port and no headphone jack. However, it is a monitor that offers other modes of connectivity and is packed with smart features.


Verdict: 9.9/10

This Smart TV Monitor offers a modern and efficient alternative to serve as an auxiliary TV in a small room, kitchen or office at an affordable price.

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Main Features Explained



The constant technological innovation in today’s world has allowed us to appreciate new and better Smart TVs on the market every day. In this case, this model is not left aside, since it has the webOS operating system, which allows you to browse the web, download apps for the entertainment of the whole family and even watch Premium content. It is a television that responds effectively by opening applications such as Amazon Video, Netflix or Disney +. Likewise, it has Smart Share for PC, a software that accesses to share multimedia content from your computer to the Smart TV. In other words, you will be able to manage and view the images, videos, presentations and other content on the television from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

Another of its qualities is that it has the Virtual Surround audio system that tries to create the perception that there are many more sound sources than actually exist; factor that is also favored by its auto volume (AVL) and sound equalizer, perfect for obtaining quality audio. Thanks to the advancement of LG, this Smart TV model has the triple XD processor that improves the quality of the images, since it more vividly represents its nature, sharper and brighter.


In the market you will find different models in this category at a good price and with positive user opinions, but the LG 28TL510S-PZ Smart TV becomes a very practical and functional option to have at home. Thus, it has the availability to connect the desktop computer and at the same time lets you appreciate the television on the same screen. This is because it includes a function called PIP, which is characterized by placing an image on the full screen and another program in a smaller window; the audio will generally correspond to the main viewing image.

On the other hand, it is an alternative that invites the family to enjoy the movies from the comfort of their home. The TV optimizes and provides a wide viewing angle so you can watch from any perspective clearly, so you won’t have to look for a convenient corner to not lose the color, sharpness or every detail of the scenes, despite let them be dark shots. Hence, it is a great advantage to enjoy gaming evenings, since it stabilizes its black tones. In fact, it has a DAS mode that improves sharpness in those where there are exaggerated movements.


Design and connectivity

Among the different Smart TVs, which can be seen in online stores, this LG model has an elegant design and varied connectivity. It is modern, discreet and practical; since its Wide Viewing Angle screen is 70 cm and has a wide base that will keep it stable and safe on the furniture where it is placed or it could be mounted on the wall to save, take advantage of and enjoy space. On the other hand, its easily combinable black color could be combined with other technological devices that improve the appearance of the room, such as video players, video game consoles or even with the furniture and other decorations in your home. 

This television is also striking due to the fact that it has two built-in speakers with a sound power of 5w, which not only authenticates the sound, but also makes it more than enough for home use. Finally, depending on its connectivity, it has a tuner that prepares the television for the new DTT. Likewise, it has a USB 2.0 port, with which you can view content that you have stored on this type of device. It also has two HDMI connections, WiFi connection for streaming content online and LAN port. You can even use its optical output to connect a sound bar if needed.

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