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Main advantage:

With this keyboard you will be able to write on 3 different computers, exchanging between them using buttons 1, 2 and 3, which makes its use very comfortable and practical. In addition, it is compatible with Mac or Windows, thus being quite versatile.

Main disadvantage:  

The price of this keyboard is a bit high, so some people may not have the budget to purchase it, however, this does not affect its optimal performance.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This is one of the most outstanding keyboards on the market, since it has Bluetooth technology and a mini USB receiver, so you can connect it wirelessly, without having to use long or cumbersome cables on your desk.

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Main Features Explained


The latest generation Logitech keyboards come with great features that make them stand out. For example, this model has a selector dial that will serve to access functions of various applications such as Premier Pro CC, Photoshop, Illustrator CC, Microsoft Word, Excel, among others, in a faster and more comfortable way. That is, in each of them the selector dial provides direct access to functions such as changing brightness, font, size, etc.   

In addition to this, this product comes with intelligent backlighting, which means that when you bring your fingers closer, the keys will light up. Thanks to this quality, the keyboard will save energy, since the keys will not be lit when you are reading on the computer, watching videos, listening to music, etc.

Also, we mentioned that the design incorporates buttons 1, 2 and 3, to switch between connected devices. In this way you can use a single keyboard for several computers, phones or tablets that you have on your desk, thus saving a lot of space.

On the other hand, the distance range is 10 meters, so it will emit a signal even if you are far from the connected device. You can even choose whether to connect via Bluetooth or using the small wireless receiver included in the package.

luxury design

Opinions on the Internet speak highly of this keyboard, since you can type very quickly with it, thanks to its QWERTY style and the quick response offered by all its keys. In addition, it has luxury finishes and a color scheme compatible with various decorations; the keys are black and the top of the rotary button is gray. Also, on its back it has non-slip rubbers that will help keep the keyboard from moving out of place while you edit, write or play with it.

Another aspect of its design is that the keys have a certain separation distance, so that when typing it is more precise to press the letters you need. We say this because there are other models whose keys are too close together, so users inadvertently press the letters that are next to the ones they really need. In this sense, with this keyboard you can enjoy a lot of stability and precision.

In the same way, we can say that the keyboard is slightly tilted and the keys are slightly concave in the center, to make them more comfortable when typing in Word, Excel, Windows Power Point or Keynote, Numbers and Pages applications. from Mac.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this keyboard has a small LED light that informs when it is on.


If you want to know which is the best keyboard on the market, it is best to check if the model you like is versatile. For example, this keyboard meets these characteristics, because, apart from the advantages explained above, it also offers the free installation of the Logitech Options application through its official website.

By using this application you will be able to configure the use of the keyboard in various ways, so that it adjusts much better to the type of task you perform, for example, editing videos, photos, audio, texts, etc. Of course, for it to work, the app needs to be installed on Windows 7 or later systems, as well as macOS 10.11 or newer versions.

It is also important to know that this keyboard is compatible with Logitech Flow ready mice, through which it is also possible to switch from one computer to another quickly.

In another order of ideas, we mentioned that the keys have a standard size with a numerical area, so that you can easily use accounting and finance applications, as well as video games with multiplayer options.

Likewise, we inform you that this product is recharged through the USB cable that comes with the package, so you will not need to buy batteries often to be able to use it.

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