Opinions about Microsoft LifeCam

Main advantage:

The camera offers 720p high-definition video calls, in addition, it is capable of recording HD video at 30 fps, with a wide-angle glass lens that offers high precision, so that it provides a good quality image.

Main disadvantage:

In video transmission it can present inconveniences to focus objects when bringing them closer to the camera. For this reason, you should try several times to make sure the other person has visualized correctly.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a good option if you need a quality image but you do not have a large budget, since it has an affordable price when compared to other similar models.

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Main Features Explained


This model stands out among today’s webcams due to its ability to transmit high-quality video calls, thanks to its glass lens that provides high precision for a 720p HD image and allows video recording at 30 fps, providing a dynamic and natural image.. In addition, it has a price adjusted to the benefits it offers.

Among the most important advantages of this model is its wide-angle lens, which allows you to capture a larger space, such as a group of people or a landscape. In this way, you can make group broadcasts to chat with family and friends who are in different parts of the world.

For better image quality, this webcam incorporates TrueColor technology, which improves brightness, creating brighter and more colorful photos. It also has a face tracking function, so you don’t lose details while you move in front of the camera. In this sense, it maintains sharpness in the foreground thanks to autofocus.

If we take into account the opinions of many users, we can say that the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is among the best webcams today, as it has been designed for video recording in standard 16:9 cinema format, so that your content has a professional look.


Regarding the use of the webcam, one of the benefits offered by this model is the ease of installation, since it works with the LifeCam software, which allows the computer to quickly recognize the camera, thanks to the fact that it includes the necessary drivers. In this case, the program is compatible with the operating systems Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.7, as well as the respective later versions, so you can try it immediately after receiving the product.

It is good to point out at this point that the LifeCam desktop application not only allows it to be run independently for easy video, audio and photo recording, but also has a creative effects panel for added entertainment. In addition, it allows access to TrueColor to control brightness, white balance and saturation.

You can use the LifeCam Cinema within the most popular applications to make video calls and streaming. This model has an official certificate for Skype and it is possible to use it without problems on the platforms YouTube, Facebook, MSN, Hangouts, among other social networks, so it is an easy-to-use camera, but at the same time very versatile.

On the other hand, it is worth highlighting its wideband microphone, which offers noise reduction, thus improving voice transmission and achieving superior audio recording.


When analyzing the design of this camera we must take into account two equally important characteristics; first of all, the benefits in terms of practicality that allow a more comfortable and easy use, but it is also worth reviewing the external appearance of the webcam, since it is quite particular if we compare it with other similar models.

The first thing we must say is that it is not a very small camera, but it is not too big either, but rather has fair measurements to stand out on the screen of your computer without bothering you. In this sense, it offers dimensions of 55.8 mm long, 24 mm wide and 45.9 deep, with a weight of 95.3 g, so you can take it with you wherever you want without major inconvenience.

It has a tubular design on an axis in which it can rotate 360°, so that your interlocutor has a complete view of the place where you are. This is easily possible by simply turning the camera with your hand to the right or left. It is worth remembering that the focus is done automatically when changing the angle.

It has a black finish with gray details and on the top it has a button to start video calls. It is important to point out that it incorporates the cable and works connected to the USB port.

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