Opinions about New Nintendo 2DS XL

Main advantage:

It is a lighter console than other versions. However, it maintains the power, size and screen quality. In addition, according to some opinions, this console attracts for its striking colors and the savings that its price means, since it already has one of the most expensive games.

Main disadvantage:

Does not have 3D function. Some users have found that the resolution quality does not match the large screen size, although this may vary from monitor to monitor.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a portable, foldable console, easy to use, light and with a very striking appearance, which could be classified as the best possible Nintendo console, as it is compact and incorporates a memory card.

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Main Features Explained


One of the main aspects to highlight in the New Nintendo 2DS XL and that, in addition, distinguish it from other Nintendo consoles, are its command controls, since this version allows you to expand the functions of the C lever, as well as the ZR buttons and ZL, when using them to play some compatible titles. In addition to this, the lever offers a higher level of sensitivity, according to the pressure applied to it.

The functions of its controls are not the only thing that stands out at this point, since it is worth mentioning that the sensation of its buttons to the touch is as comfortable as it feels with the New Nintendo 3DS XL version, while being appreciated in a very similar way. Another notable feature in this console is that it has an integrated NFC reader, which provides the possibility of using and reading Amiibo cards.

This is an important advantage, compared to other DS consoles that the renowned Japanese brand has already presented, since, with some of its similar versions, it is necessary to purchase this tool separately, in order to enjoy this option, as long as it is compatible with this type of reader, while with the New Nintendo 2DS XL it is possible to take advantage of this and other qualities within a single purchase, for a reasonable price.


Another aspect that draws the attention of users and fans of Nintendo consoles is the design exhibited by the New Nintendo 2DS XL, which is presented with a change in the size of its screen, since it is 82% larger than other conventional models., although this does not influence its weight, since it is still lighter than the New Nintendo 3DS XL, but it maintains the same size as it, as well as its power, brightness, quality and resolution.

It also retains its rectangular and compact design, with a small and portable size, with a folding closure and an embossed top cover that looks and feels nice.

Its size and weight make it easy to load it comfortably at any time, and its structure and design provide security and good grip, while it is held in the hands when playing. Its weight is 260 g and its dimensions are 17.7 cm x 8.4 cm x 9.8 cm, with a screen that measures 4.88”.

A notable design feature of the New Nintendo 2DS XL is the striking color shown on its casing, which in this edition comes in a lime green hue combined with black, a youthful eye-catching color that gives a charming wherever worn.

Accessories and compatibility

That a Nintendo console includes some of the main accessories that facilitate its use and handling is a great advantage. This possibility is offered by the New Nintendo 2DS XL console, as it comes in a complete pack that includes the NFC reader integrated into the touch screen, which allows you to recognize and record data on the Amiibo by placing one of them on the screen, with which In addition, you can access other game options.

In addition to the NFC reader, this console incorporates 6 RA cards, a Nintendo 3DS power adapter, as well as a 4GB micro SDHC memory card. Apart from the external accessories already mentioned, the New Nintendo 2DS XL console is equipped with its respective small-sized stylus, suitable for use by children.

To connect other devices or access some functions in an easy and interactive way, this console includes, on the outside of its casing, a headphone jack, volume slider, charging port, microphone, easy-removal slots for SD cards and cartridges.

Likewise, it is equipped with rear cameras and a front camera. This console has the ability to play all titles available for Nintendo 3DS and some exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS line of consoles.

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