Opinions about Samsung 50NU7405

Main advantage:

The television has a state-of-the-art screen equipped with a high-capacity Smart TV system, with which you can enjoy all kinds of content in high definition.

Main disadvantage:

Some apps that come pre-installed on your TV cannot be removed, which can be inconvenient if you don’t use them as they will be taking up space.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This model offers striking advantages, as well as a performance with positive evaluations by users, which is why we advise you to consider it among your possibilities.

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Main Features Explained


computer screen

Television sets equipped with Smart TV are, according to some opinions, one of the most practical and common entertainment options to have at home, mainly because of the freedom they offer, as well as intuitive handling to access practically unlimited programming. If you are interested in purchasing a television with Smart TV, one of the first aspects that you should consider before buying is its screen.

The screen of the Samsung 50NU7405 brand model has a size of 50” so that you can equip an entertainment center, a rest room or your living room with a considerable size television, to enjoy all the programming of your choice.

On the other hand, in addition to having a striking and practical size, you will also enjoy a very good image quality, since the Samsung television has a resolution of 3840 x 2160p, thus offering an image level with 4K or Ultra High Definition quality..

With a screen of this type, you will be able to enjoy movies, series, videos and all kinds of multimedia content with a high level of sharpness, good contrast and brightness, as well as the virtual absence of “noise” in the image. Apart from all this, it is noteworthy to mention that the screen is also equipped with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology in charge of further improving the image projected on the equipment.

The HDR system focuses on increasing the realism of the content on the screen by adding a greater dynamic range in terms of light level and the color palette used by the television to transmit the image. Thanks to this, when playing any type of multimedia content in 4K quality you will be able to fully appreciate everything that this resolution scale can offer you in terms of details and sharpness.

Smart TV system

When talking about Smart TVs, it is mandatory to take into account the type of system installed on the television of your interest, so that you can know what it offers you, as well as its performance when you want to navigate or download applications to increase the practicality of your team.

Samsung could be considered as one of the pioneering brands in the development of the Smart TV system for home use. Its models are usually affordable, perform well and offer a wide variety of options to configure, download and make the most of the access offered by Smart TV.

In this sense, the 50NU7405 model has a quad-core or Quad-Core processor to be able to run the operating system on which the basic functions of the equipment are based, such as Internet access and the management of applications developed for the television.. It should be added that this processor is capable of executing different actions at the same time, for an agile performance without jamming.

Another advantage that this Samsung TV with Smart TV offers you to make use of the system is its connectivity, since you can choose to connect the TV via Ethernet cable directly to your home modem or also do it wirelessly, using Wi-Fi connectivity. This will prevent you from having cables in your corridors, with which you will be able to keep everything tidier and with a better appearance, so as not to affect your decoration or get in the way.

In addition to this, the version of the Smart TV system of this model is compatible with Samsung’s Smart Things, an application with which you can pair different devices of the brand to control them remotely through an application on your mobile phone or tablet.. So you don’t even have to get up from the sofa to turn the TV on or off.

TV design

Among the characteristics that must be studied, in addition to the price, in order to find one of the best Smart TVs is its design. Considering the structural aspects and weight of the model that interests you will help you determine if you have the space available to place it comfortably, or if your entertainment center has the capacity to support the weight of the television without problems.

In the case of the 50NU7405 Smart TV model, we are facing a television of considerable dimensions due to the size of its screen. Specifically, the equipment has dimensions of 112.4 x 73.5 x 33.6 centimeters with a weight of 16.50 kilograms when its base is equipped. If you choose to mount your television on the wall, it would reach dimensions of 112.4 x 65 x 5.9 centimeters and a weight of 13.8 kilograms due to the support, but still maintaining the Slim design that has been integrated into the structure. of the SmartTV.

The Slim design of the TV is based on a minimalist type model that has a thin border so as not to reduce the size of the screen. The base was developed in such a way that the entire weight of the TV is balanced to offer better stability when placed on a shelf or table, as well as very subtle and discreet details with modern and ergonomic handling.

By the latter we mean the remote control that is included with the purchase of the television. This particular unit has a built-in sensor system so that you can control some of the TV’s functions through simple voice commands, such as “volume down”, “change to the next channel”, “on”, “off”, etc. among many others. Thus, you will also save yourself from having to check the buttons on the remote in the dark to make sure that you are going to press the correct one.

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