Opinions about Samsung Galaxy Note8

Main advantage:

It is an efficient device with an AMOLED QHD+ screen where you can do multiple tasks. It comes with a Stylus and features a high resolution dual camera system.

Main disadvantage:

If you have been interested in this model of the Galaxy line, you should first take into account that, due to the rounded edges of the screen, it will be difficult to find a glass protector that fits properly.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This Samsung mobile, in addition to working like any smartphone, is also very useful for working or studying, due to the size of its screen and capacity, so we advise you to take it into consideration.

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Main Features Explained


device screen

One of the most studied elements and one that can be very influential in the sale price of a smartphone is its screen, since it is basically the interface between the user and everything he is capable of doing on the device.

The Note8 works with a 6.3” AMOLED Infinite Display screen; which maintains the style that is already known in the smartphones of this range with its curved edge. It is capable of playing content in QHD+ quality and its resolution is 2960 x 1440p, so you can appreciate an image with good quality, sharpness and depth.

Regarding the responsiveness of the screen, it offers a fairly good response time, as well as touch recognition, to perform various actions with gestures, such as zooming in, zooming out, copying, cutting, pasting, etc.

optical system

When reviewing the opinions online, it was found that Samsung mobiles enjoy good receptivity when it comes to the photographic section. The devices of this brand are known for the optical system used by their most recent models, so it is an important feature to evaluate.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 you will find a dual lens system on the back, where 2 units of 12 Megapixels each have been implemented. Both are in color and have an image stabilizer, to generate a sharp capture without blurry areas.

For its part, on the front face you will find an 8 Megapixel camera that, in addition to having a variable aperture, also uses a recognition system to use it as a security measure when locking the device. Its image quality is quite good and will allow you to make video calls or personal photos without sacrificing too much resolution.

mobile capacity

In order to find the best Samsung mobile for you, another aspect that we do not recommend you overlook is the functions that the model of your interest is capable of performing. Because the Galaxy range is wide, you should carefully check the specifications before buying.

After taking a look at the details of the Samsung Galaxy Note8, it can be seen that it is a smooth running device as it has an Exynos 8895 SoC processor and 6 GB of RAM. This allows you to boot without delay, as well as download and run applications of all kinds without any inconvenience.

As for storage, the device offers a 64 GB internal drive that, if you wish, can be increased to 256 GB by using a MicroSD memory card. Thanks to this, you will be able to have all the space you need to download your files, applications, documents and much more.

Compatible Accessories

Since we are reviewing the qualities of a Note model, it would not hurt to take into consideration the accessories that are included with your purchase, since this type of smartphone can be used more with a stylus, for example.

And that is something that you will be able to enjoy with the Samsung Galaxy Note8, since the device is accompanied by its respective writing pen S Pen Stylus. With this element you will be able to write directly on the screen, so that it is recognized by the equipment or simply store a note, to read it later.

In this quality, the S Pen Stylus offers 4,096 levels of pressure and its tip is 0.7 millimeters, so you can also take advantage of the capacity and size of the screen, to create drawings and edit photos to your liking. On the other hand, you can store it on the same smartphone, taking advantage of the hole in the upper part created especially for the storage and easy access of the pencil.

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