Opinions about Smok X-Priv

Main advantage:

Being a device compatible with different coils and with a personalized vaping mode, it can be said that one of its great advantages is its ability to adapt to different tastes and requirements.

Main disadvantage:

One point against this vape is the fact that it does not have batteries included, therefore, it will be necessary to make an additional purchase to start using the device.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Good design and modern technology go hand in hand in this vape, as it is a device that provides an ergonomic grip and an elegant appearance, along with advanced usage options that will suit all types of consumers.

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Main Features Explained


If you really want to get the best vape, then you should start looking for a device that suits your needs. If you look only at the price, then it is possible that you miss certain important features that you should take into account when buying one of these devices. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to these details.

In case you decide to buy this model, then you should know that with your purchase you will get an X-Priv vape, a Prince TFV12 model tank, a spare glass tube, a set of parts, the USB charging cable, V12 quad coils 0.4 ohm Prince-Q4, 0.12 ohm Prince-T10 V12 coils, and a user manual on how to use each element.

The V12 Prince-Q4 coils are pieces that provide a controlled intensity and high richness vapor, while the V12 Prince-T10 focuses on maximizing the amount of vapor and the flavor of it. So you can choose the one you want, or even buy other brand reels that are compatible. As for the tank, it has an 8 ml capacity, which is considered quite a lot for a model of this type.

Even the USB cable is worth mentioning, as it is an element made of resistant materials with a protective layer that promotes the flexibility and durability of the product.


Due to their growing fame, vapers are bringing better and more modern designs, as these devices must adapt to the different needs of consumers, who are progressively more demanding and have more informed opinions about these devices. For that reason, the Smok brand has paid a lot of attention to every detail of the X-Priv vape and, thanks to this, the device has been very well received in the market.

This product is small and light, to be easily moved and stored comfortably. Specifically, it reaches dimensions of 8.8 x 4.65 x 3.04 centimeters and a weight of just 172 grams, so it will not be a burden for you. For its part, the structure has a fairly ergonomic shape to fit your hand, leaving the important buttons on the left side to be able to operate the device quickly. In the upper section you will find a Cobra Drip spout, which has a patented locking mechanism to prevent liquid from being poured by mistake. 

On the other hand, the body of the vape is made of a glassy material that gives it an elegant appearance and also complements its high definition screen. There you can see all the information regarding the vape clearly and without problems. Also, just below its screen you will find the charging port.


In order to be one of the most outstanding options on the market, a vape must have state-of-the-art technology that can satisfy the most demanding consumers and, in this case, that is exactly what Smok has given to its X-Priv model. The first thing that stands out about this vape is its maximum power of 225W, as it provides consistent and abundant vapor.

In addition to this, there are 3 vaping modes that you can use: Watts, Temp and Memory. The first is perfect for those who want to perform tricks with steam and suck up a large amount of it in each puff; the second is suitable for those looking for a vapor with a great flavor and a suitable consistency and, finally, the third is a mode that allows you to customize the activity with your preferences.

You can do all this from the vape screen, which also offers relevant information regarding the preheating values, the type of coil used, the time the device has been used and the number of aspirations you have made. This last value can be limited, if you wish, to avoid vaping more than you want and you can see the count to know how many you have left.

Finally, the technology also covers safety, since the equipment comes with a protection system against short circuits and also against overheating of internal components.

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