Opinions about Sonos Playbar

Main advantage: 

One of the most outstanding aspects of this Sonos sound bar is that it has Wi-Fi wireless technology, which will allow you to manage the device remotely, as well as connect it to your favorite music service accounts.

Main disadvantage:

Some models of LG brand televisions are incompatible, so before you make any purchase, you should verify the brand and model of your TV so that you do not have any problems.

Verdict: 9.5/10 

It is a sound bar with an elegant design and compact dimensions so you can place it under the TV and enjoy good listening levels for your audiovisual content.

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Main Features Explained

sound power

Sound bars are devices that have become popular in recent years, since they are capable of boosting the audio of televisions, which almost simulates the volume of theater speakers. Therefore, first, you must evaluate the sound power.

The most characteristic of this sound bar is that it has 5.1 channels with an active amplifier speaker, which means that you can enjoy good audio quality in your movies, music television series and even in video games. 

In addition to this, this product has 9 integrated speakers, which have the particularity of providing a very clear sound, with treble, bass and bass that are automatically adjusted according to the content being played. However, you can also manage the sound from the application on your Smartphone, Tablet or computer.

In addition, this device is designed by professional acoustic engineers who are dedicated to crafting high-quality speakers, subwoofers, and peripherals.

In addition, the Sonos app and TruePlay function are capable of automatically detecting and measuring the area where the soundbar is installed, which will automatically adjust the audio for an immersive experience. 


If you are looking for opinions regarding what features a good sound bar should have, you should look at the type of connection it uses. Since, this will help you to be able to pair with other devices in addition to connecting to the TV.

One of the highlights of the Sonos Playbar is that it has only 1 cable to work and also uses Wi-Fi wireless connection, which will allow you to enjoy remote technology for playing your favorite media content, without you having to worry about accidents that may put your physical integrity at risk by having cables lying around the room.

Additionally, you will be able to control the operation of this sound bar by downloading the Sonos application from the AppStore or PlayStore, as well as being able to configure AirPlay 2 to play your favorite music from different platforms such as Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube, Spotify, TuneIn, Google Play Music, among others.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, in order to enjoy high-fidelity audio with good nuances in your favorite movies and series, you must first connect the HDMI cable directly to the television. Since this way, you will be able to decide if the audio is heard better through the Wi-Fi wireless network or by cable.

Configuration and installation

Before you look at the price of sound bars, we recommend that you evaluate their ease of installation, as this will help you carry out the process on your own and without having to go to an expert on the subject.

As for the Sonos Playbar model, it should be noted that it includes an instruction manual in Spanish so that you can read it and get the most out of the sound bar’s sound potential. Additionally, this product is easy to use and has the characteristic that you can combine it without any problem with other Sonos speakers so that you enhance the audio quality and enjoy an immersive experience with good sound levels.

In addition, since it has holes in the lower part, you will be able to decide if you want to place it on a table or embed it in a wall that, regardless of whether you have knowledge or not, you will be able to do it very easily without having to go to an expert.

So this could be the best soundbar for practical specs, helping you ditch the wired systems and position your soundbar in various positions to improve audio direction.. 

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