Opinions about Sony A6000

Main advantage:

The Sony A6000 is a small, light, comfortable and easy-to-use camera, with all the benefits that an expert or amateur photographer could need to achieve high quality images.

Main disadvantage:

It has been seen that the menu settings can be confusing and also its price is a bit higher than some similar cameras from other brands.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is the appropriate companion for special occasions that deserve to be preserved as a faithful copy of the moment, since each function provides features that, when activated, favor the capture and perfect the result, becoming one of the best EVIL cameras of 2022.

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Main Features Explained


One of the features that stands out the most in EVIL cameras is their design. In the case of the Sony A6000 model, its size is compact, in a black body whose weight is around 300 grams. Despite being lightweight, it is made of highly resistant materials that provide greater protection to cover and shield the external casing and thus keep the internal part safe, preventing it from suffering damage from bumps or falls.

This camera has been designed to meet the demand of photography enthusiasts, amateurs or experts, who want equipment that, in addition to comfort and simplicity, offers the possibility of capturing quality images, like a professional camera.

This model has a versatile design, capable of adapting to the requirements and preferences of each user, because according to opinions, it could be used as a camera for casual use, to take with you during trips, walks or when attending memorable events.

However, although at first glance it could be perceived as a normal compact digital camera, its structure and built-in lens make it look like a professional SLR camera, which is also seen in the quality of the images it manages to obtain. Its size favors its correct handling, both to hold it and to make the different adjustments that need to be changed or activated, when taking photographs or videos.

Its innovative design allows you to exchange between different types of lenses compatible with the brand and model, to improve the experience according to the result you hope to achieve. It even has a small control panel that is very easy to use with buttons that allow you to adjust the level of some options, whose values ​​you can see through its 3-inch tilting LCD screen.


Another advantage that distinguishes the Sony A6000 model among the best EVIL cameras is the quality of the resolution that is stamped on each image, by offering sharp and real colors that carefully highlight all the details that make up the space of what has been portrayed..

This excellence in quality is determined thanks to the APS-C technology sensor that the camera has, which generates an image resolution of 24 MP, suitable enough to achieve a perfect contrast between tones, colors and luminosity.

In addition, this level of resolution favors better results in any type of scenario or mode that you want to apply, as it works properly both to take portrait-type photos or landscapes from a certain distance when using a lens of a certain range to focus on moving objects or fixed.

Thus, each image represents an exact replica, creating extraordinary photographs and videos, whose attributes can be properly captured and perceived, even in images that have been captured in low-light environments.

This sensor works in conjunction with the Bionz X engine, which is responsible for processing the newly captured record, to increase the quality of the images and provide an adequate balance of light, which improves the images taken in scenarios with little or no lighting. In this way, the camera has the ability to adjust each level in such a way that no detail is lost, creating a copy of what is perceived, focusing the lens effectively without distorting the rest of the composition.

This engine is equipped with the latest technology that Sony has incorporated into its cameras, merging each function to highlight the smallest detail in each type of photography, reducing noise and showing reality as a SLR camera would.

Complementary functions

The Sony A6000 also offers other advantages that complement its performance, which you can take advantage of for a reasonable price. This has various adjustable options, which allow you to change levels or use other functions to adapt to the type of photography you want to achieve. Among them, it is important to highlight its image stabilizer that favors making real captures instantly, without movement interfering with the result.

It also has a focus mechanism that can be used automatically quickly and accurately, making it convenient for capturing moving images. This is responsible for immediately detecting moving objects at a speed of 0.06 seconds, stops at the precise moment and manages to clearly visualize the entire space through a lens, following up after each movement.

It also features an Eye AF focusing system that allows you to view directly into a person’s face, giving an overall natural look to the face. Although these are not located in front of the camera, this approach is activated when an eye is perceived and points to it on the screen.

Also, this new model has an electronic optical viewfinder that allows you to observe better before making the capture, providing a greater perspective with all the clarity of the colors, which create an exact reflection of what can be perceived through this viewfinder. On the other hand, it allows you to adjust the level of sensitivity to light between 100 and 25600, so you can adapt it as required by the moment and the conditions of the scene.

Although this camera already comes with preset settings, you could adjust the control options using the corresponding buttons to access the functions more quickly. Likewise, you can safely transfer the contents of the camera to other compatible devices, using NFC and WiFi technologies.

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