Opinions about Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Main advantage:

It is a smartwatch with a sporty design and useful functions to complement the use of the mobile phone. It offers great autonomy and has monitoring sensors.

Main disadvantage:

A detail present in this Xiaomi smartwatch is that it lacks NFC technology, which is currently widely used to make electronic payments without the need for a card.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The Mi Band 4 smartwatch is a useful, attractive gadget that will work seamlessly on any mobile OS you pair it with, to keep track of your activities, check notifications and more.

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Main Features Explained


gadget design

A smartwatch is a digital watch capable of doing much more than a common one, becoming a communication bridge between the user and other electronic devices and, since it can be worn like a garment, it is important to review its design with the deserved relevance.

In this sense, you should know that among the best sports-style smartwatches we find the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 model, an alternative for those who want to enjoy the functions of these gadgets, without being too flashy.

It has a 0.95” AMOLED screen, which has a resolution of 240 x 120p, offering a good level of sharpness to display the interface and various applications. Its strap, on the other hand, can adjust its diameter between 155 mm to 216 mm, depending on the circumference of your wrist, allowing you to wear it comfortably. It is black in color and weighs just 22.1 grams.


User opinions differ on what might be the best OS to use with smartwatches, but there are basically two options currently taking the market by storm: iOS and Android.

In the case of Xiaomi’s smartwatch, it should be noted that its operating system is compatible to link with both mobile phone OS; so that you will not have problems to use it with one brand or another. In other words, the gadget is compatible with devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG and many others, as long as they are running Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 or higher.

As for the link, you will have the Mi Fit application available for free download, where you will register your smartwatch, so that the data obtained can be transmitted through the link, as well as send notifications and other available functions.

Likewise, it is important to keep in mind that you will be able to update all the firmware of the equipment, as they are released, which will help you make the most of your investment and enjoy new features.

Built-in features and sensors

Many times, the price of a certain smartwatch is greatly influenced by the functions that it is capable of performing, either based on the built-in sensors or the capacity of its operating system. Due to this, we recommend you not to ignore the information you can find about it.

Reviewing in depth the capacity of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smartwatch, we find a variety of sensors, which offer accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity and heart rate functions. In this sense, the combination of data provided can make the equipment a very useful accessory to use while exercising, for example.

Now, focusing on the functions of the sensors, with them you can program training sessions or calorie burning goals to meet during the day. They also offer a sleep monitoring system, managing to obtain useful advice that will improve the quality of your rest, among other practical and interesting functions that you will surely be able to take advantage of.

connectivity available

Taking into account that smartwatches usually work linked to other equipment such as tablets and smartphones, it is necessary to thoroughly review the details about their capacity in terms of connections. So you can choose a suitable model to meet your needs.

Xiaomi’s smartwatch, in this category, stands out for offering compatibility with the most used operating systems in the world, but, in addition to this, it connects using Bluetooth 5.0 or higher, which offers a stable link, so that both devices stay in sync at all times.

Another interesting detail that makes the device a very practical gadget for daily use is its battery, which is LiPo and has a capacity of 135 mAh, so its autonomy can reach up to a maximum of 20 days.

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