Optoma HD27e Reviews

Main advantage:

What stands out most in this Optoma model is that it has a palette of real and vivid colors that comply with the Rec.709 standard, which will allow you to visualize good details in contrast and brightness of multimedia content. 

Main disadvantage:

When the equipment is configured to project images at 1080p at 60 MHz, there is a sound that comes from the operation of the projector, which can be annoying, since it can become distracting.

Verdict: 9.8/10

You will have the possibility of projecting images and videos just by using a single cable, since thanks to MHL technology you will be able to connect consoles, Smartphones, TV and other devices.

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Main Features Explained

Visual and auditory technology

The first feature that we recommend you evaluate in the projector models that catch your attention is their technology, since this is what will be in charge of processing the sound or image for correct synchronization. Optoma’s HD27e is one of the 4.5-star benchmarked projectors on various e-commerce sites for graphics power, as it has Full HD 1080p resolution that will give you sharp, high-quality images. This being a very useful feature so you can watch movies or play your favorite video games with vivid and realistic colors.

In addition, the color palette projected by this product complies with the Rec.709 standard, which allows a clear and faithful reproduction just as the filmmaker has prepared it and closely resembles real tones.

On the other hand, this projector model stands out for having the particularity of allowing the reproduction of 3D content, whether in Blu-Ray movies, consoles and even in Streaming. 

Also, regarding the sound of this projector, this product includes a powerful 10W speaker that will allow you to transmit powerful and precise audio so that you can enjoy your multimedia content with an immersive and immersive experience.


As for the opinions of users about the design that a good projector should have, it should be compact and light to be able to move and store it anywhere, as well as to place it in different spaces for use without it becoming an annoyance

The Optoma HD27e stands out for its dimensions of 31.6 x 24.4 x 10.8 centimeters and weighing 2.87 kilograms, so you can take it with you to work or school in a bag or backpack to make your presentations without reaching be a burden, as well as you can place it on a desk, table or shelf to project multimedia content without taking up much space on it. 

On the other hand, this model is of a pure white color that will allow it to adapt very comfortably to the other devices in the environment. It has 3 adjustable rubber feet to regulate the height of the image to be projected and the lens has a rotating system for you to focus. Being very practical features when the projector is placed on structures that are not completely smooth, as well as being useful to control the projection distance.

Configuration and installation

In order to choose the best projector, you do not have to look only at the price, since this is not a specific limitation, since there are cheap models that have good quality references, as well as others with a high price that have good specs. 

As for the Optoma HD27e model, it has a user manual that specifies how to use each of its features, including auto power off, MHL mode and calibrating ISF modes, which will allow you to get the most out of it. the maximum possible advantage for you to use the projector even with Smartphones, tablets and day and night viewing.

On the other hand, the initial configuration system is very basic, practical and fluid, so it will not take more than 5 minutes to make the adjustments to prepare the projector for its first use without any problem. Likewise, the user manual specifies the appropriate distance to place the device so that you can see the completely clear image, full of pure and vivid colors.

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