Panasonic KX-TGC313SPB Reviews

Main advantage: 

A huge advantage of this purchase is that for a small price you will get three cordless phones with their respective bases, to be able to organize them around your home and also use them as intercoms to talk to people inside your house.

Main disadvantage: 

Considering that the phonebook is shared between the three phones, the fact that it only supports 50 contact numbers means that you can only save close people.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This product manages to include several important aspects in one place so that you can enjoy the small details that will improve your communication. You won’t have to worry about unclear sounds, oversized phones, or rapidly draining batteries with this set.

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Main Features Explained

Design and technicalities

The first thing that you will notice and that will make you crown this product as a perfect choice is the fact that, instead of being just one unit, this set comes with 3 cordless phones for a very affordable price. Both the phones and the bases feature the same design so you can place each unit in different places in your home, which is ideal if you live in a large space.

The phones weigh 281 grams each, so you’ll be able to handle them with ease and your arm won’t get tired while talking for up to 16 continuous hours without needing to recharge the battery. When it’s time to charge the AAA batteries, just place the phone on its base and wait about 7 hours for it to fully charge. In the meantime, you can use another of the units.

The 1.6-inch screen with 103 x 65 pixels allows a better view of all the information given, while the soft orange backlight illuminates the text without disturbing the eye. The finish of this product is minimalist, since everything is designed to take up as little space as possible. The black color makes the fixtures match every room.


If you have a problem with unwanted calls, then you may choose these units as the best cordless phones on the market today for the ease of blocking they offer. Not only will it be easy to add those numbers that constantly call you in an unwanted way to the blacklist, but also, if you don’t remember the full number but you do remember some digits, you can configure the block by ranges. That is, deny the reception of calls to numbers that share prefixes of 2 and up to 8 digits.

This detail is extremely important, however, not all calls deserve a block and, for that reason, these phones offer a 50-contact directory so that when those special people call you can read their names on the identifier. You’ll even have the option to easily redial when you want to talk to those numbers you constantly call again.

You’ll be able to use the phones hands-free as well, allowing other people to hear and participate in the conversation. Whether you use the speakerphone or not, each unit will give you a clean and clear sound to avoid confusion when speaking. To save you time, all the contacts you add or delete on one phone will be added or deleted on all of them simultaneously.


Among the opinions that this brilliant Panasonic product has, you will notice that the technology offered by each of the phones in the set is one of the great qualities of this purchase. Before extolling the features that are easily noticeable, it is necessary to mention those that are not seen but that provide a better quality of operation of the equipment. The integrated ecological mode, for example, is in charge of minimizing the radiation emitted by the phones while they are idle and also reducing energy consumption. Thanks to this, the product can last without charging for up to 200 hours.

In addition to this, all phones have an extra key included under the zero with the image of a small white key. This button allows you to lock all the keys to avoid dialing phone numbers in the wrong way when you carry one in your pocket, for example. This ease of mobilization can also mean that, at some point, one of the phones is lost inside your home and with just one button you can locate it in minutes to continue talking.

To enjoy more things, such as internal communication that allows the terminals to act as intercoms, you can read the instruction manual included in the purchase that will detail all the benefits of the product.

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