Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82 Reviews

Main advantage:

The Panasonic model has a powerful optical system with which you can considerably improve the quality of your photos and videos together with the tools provided by the equipment.

Main disadvantage:

When using the full zoom capability, the lens has to sacrifice some focus, thus losing sharpness in the final image.

Verdict: 9.3/10

Lumix is ​​quite a comprehensive line-up and the DC-FZ82 offers a striking and attractive option for both beginner and intermediate level photographers.

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Main Features Explained

team design

If you are interested in photography and have begun to experiment with digital equipment of different types, it may be time that you consider bridge cameras as an alternative to continue growing and gaining experience.

However, before you can find a good model, you should consider the opinions of experts who indicate that the design of the camera is one of the main features that should be evaluated before buying.

From the Panasonic brand we present the Lumix DC-FZ82 model equipment. It is a bridge camera that has a design that, in addition to being modern, is also compact and ergonomic, so you can handle the camera with total comfort.

It measures 11.9 x 13 x 9.4 centimeters and weighs approximately 620 grams, keeping it within the range of portable cameras allowing it to be transported practically wherever you want.

In addition to this, the Lumix DC-FZ82 has both an optical viewfinder and a 3” full color LCD screen with which you can also navigate through the camera settings menu and adjust the capture to the environment and the type of camera. photography you are doing. It is also highlighted that the screen is equipped with touch sensors, so you can select the options directly with your finger.

camera functions

One of the most striking advantages of the best bridge cameras is that, unlike professional models such as SLRs, they have a considerably lower selling price depending on their brand, model and capacity.

However, in order not to get carried away simply by how much it costs, we advise you to also review its functions. These will give you a better idea of ​​the capabilities of the camera and what you could do with it.

In this case, there is a technology built into the Panasonic camera that is quite striking and practical for beginner photographers: Post focus. This function is able to increase the focus on the images or videos after they have been taken. Thanks to this, your files will have better image quality and the exposure and sharpness levels will be respected.

Another very useful function is found in the connectivity of the camera. This device can be connected to the computer or printer using its USB cable or by removing the storage memory, but, in addition to this, it also has wireless connectivity via WiFi.

This wireless link capability will allow you to connect the bridge camera to different equipment to get the most out of it, such as your mobile phone, tablet, home network, printers, etc.

optical system

The optical system of a bridge camera is one of the most influential aspects in the performance of the equipment, which is why it becomes a fundamental characteristic to analyze before investing money. This decision could be based on the utility you plan to give the camera, whether for professional, home or studio use.

The optical system may be the key for some and the Panasonic bridge camera does not disappoint its buyers. This model has a large capacity lens that reaches 18.1 Megapixels, offering multimedia files with a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160p 30p/25p for both photos and videos, reaching the 4K Ultra HD level.

This image quality will allow you to enjoy a great amount of detail, as well as high sharpness and good management of exposure, color and brightness of the photograph.

The lens, for its part, has a focal aperture of f/5.9 and can be extended up to 12 centimeters so that you can make use of its 60x zoom system, one of the most powerful among those mentioned. In addition to this, the lens is capable of recording at 30 frames per second at its full resolution for easy-to-follow, vertical-synchronized, stutter-free video.

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