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Many of the big brands of cameras incorporate different models into the market, with which, in some way, they convince the user by making them pay more money for a device that does not have great improvements. Therefore, you should always have certain considerations to buy the best camera at an affordable price.

If you want to buy the best photo camera, you should pay attention to the specifications that the model in question offers. Sometimes, although it seems unheard of, brands can cheat the user in a completely legal way, so there is no choice but to accept it. However, to avoid this and not be fooled when buying a SLR camera, it is appropriate to go one step further and learn to take advantage of the subject.

How? through a simple mechanism of analysis and comparison, which will lead to an efficient purchase of SLR cameras with high-end features and functions, but at a much lower cost in the market compared to the first option.

The sales strategy

One of the strategies of camera manufacturers is to wrap users with advertising, convincing them to believe that if they don’t buy their latest release, then they will be outdated, with an outdated version, design and model.

Every time a new product goes on sale, the benefits of any other design that is already on the market are lowered. However, this is not entirely true, but rather a belief that they are responsible for introducing into the mind of the buyer to encourage him to acquire the new option that is offered.

Companies have been in the great ocean that marketing represents for years, being sharks with cunning strategies and plans to reach the masses and sell a greater number of equipment to acquire more sales revenue, gain popularity and position themselves among the preferences of the community. of users. This mechanic is applied by almost any company, regardless of the area it is dedicated to. 

In the case of photo cameras, the same brand can present a catalog with several alternatives. Thus, most people buy the manufacturer’s suggestion and after a few months, a new design from the same firm arrives on the market, repowered, with higher resolution, features and at a much higher price. At this point, there are many people who are disenchanted with the equipment they had and desperately seek to get one of the best cameras of 2022, for example.

This is not a real scam. In fact, large companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on marketing, advertising and developing innovations to incorporate into their devices, in order to sell more volume and meet the needs of the user community. 

For them as a company, the more they sell, the better the positioning and if they are more expensive, the better numbers they will have, giving a positive balance. For this reason, people periodically renewing their equipment every one or two years, replacing them with the same brand model, represents a constant and secure income of money.

The buying strategy 

It’s simple, you should not take the bait, or fall into the game of “outdated” or the “outdated” model, being the best way to avoid it not to buy the latest release from the manufacturer. To go further and be astute, it is convenient to analyze, contrast and take advantage of the discounts of the model prior to the great launch, that is, the penultimate design of the brand. 

In general, the penultimate model becomes the best value for money camera , because it includes almost all the advances, features and characteristics of the last one that was launched. Considering this alternative, there are many experts who suggest that if you want to change equipment, it should be done every two or three generations, to really achieve substantial changes in the properties and quality of resolution, objectives and capture. 

This gives people the chance to get a high-end, relatively “year-old” SLR camera for a much lower price. How does it work? It’s simple, companies introduce a model to the market, which is soon replaced by another version, almost the same, but with some new specifications, so the previous one will continue to be sold, but at a much lower price. So a camera that cost 1,000 euros for its launch can drop to 450 euros in just a few months, with the arrival of the new prototype.

However, there are cases in which this purchase technique may not be convenient. For example, it is not recommended to acquire models that are already obsolete after 10 years on the market, because they will not have the potential or the ability to take photos with the quality and technology of the moment.

More Analysis Strategies 

In addition, there are those who suggest that you should not buy the latest versions because even if they are the great release, many times these units can have flaws, software failures or some elements that do not fit the camera because they were not fully tested, so so that they will end up adjusting and improving in the following versions. 

For this reason, it is prudent to wait and know the criticisms and approvals of other people, without having to spend and suffer a disappointment that will have financial repercussions. Instead, waiting a bit will allow manufacturers to work out any eventualities in the model and make a more efficient purchase.

So whoever is tempted to buy the latest model should think it over and analyze the attributes that the design offers with respect to the previous ones, in order to decipher if it is worth buying. 

It must be remembered that the same model will surely depreciate after a few months. Some cameras that meet the price-quality ratio condition are the Nikon D3400 with lens included, Sony A6000 and Nikon D7000.

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