Pose ideas for men’s photos

Male photography is generally focused on the personality of the subjects, who prefer to appear in the images as robust and self-confident characters. However, this can be difficult to achieve if we don’t know some poses and expressions for men.

Most sexy pose guides are focused on the female form, so there isn’t much information available on how to properly photograph men . Therefore, this time we will not only indicate some postures for male photos, but we will review why and when they should be used.

Male facial expressions when posing

Men with serious expressions convey mystery and attractiveness, so it may be appropriate for the subject not to smile during the photo, even if they have healthy, symmetrical teeth. In this sense, a good option for the model may be to tilt the head slightly away from the camera and frown a little, in order to mark the upper lines, which gives the face more personality.

On the other hand, a strong jawline can connote masculinity and strength, so make sure your jawline is well defined. In this case, the subject can push the chin out, which also gives the neck a slight stretch. Likewise, light can be cleverly used to highlight the jawline and darken the neck. It is important to avoid the man being photographed pulling his chin in, as this will create a double chin that he may not have.

Big, bulging eyes don’t look great in photos of men, as they convey confusion and fear. In this sense, it is best that the male model slightly raise the lower eyelids to squint. This gives the impression that the subject is up to something, which adds character to the image, as well as a touch of mischief.

Full body posing techniques

The ideal male body should be V-shaped, with broad shoulders and a slim waist, so this is the natural shape to go for if your model doesn’t know how to pose for photos. In this regard, it may be appropriate to square your shoulders towards the camera to make them look larger. As far as the waist is concerned, it will look slimmer compared to the shoulders if you ask the subject to keep their upper body a little closer to the camera.

Men with good posture are more attractive, as this usually indicates confidence and determination. To achieve this, the subject must be upright, with relaxed shoulders and a tight abdominal core. However, this posing technique may require a bit of preparation in advance, as it may be difficult to make it look natural on the first try.

Many men do not know what to do with their hands during photography, so it is necessary to keep them engaged in some action. In this sense, it is possible to use them to adjust part of the clothing or place them close to the face, either to hold the hair, support the face or touch the lips. It is also appropriate to put a hand on your chin to create an interesting thinking posture.

If the male model is standing, legs should be shoulder-width apart. Another option may be to lean against the wall with the leg close to the camera bent, thus accentuating the muscles of the thighs and calves. If the subject is sitting, you can rest the ankle of one leg on the thigh of the other, creating a more relaxed posture.

The best poses for photographing men

  1. look at the camera

This is a close-up photograph that can work as a portrait of a man, as it highlights the expression of the model, so it is important to achieve various emotions in him and identify which ones he feels most comfortable with. This requires the subject to feel relaxed, which can happen after several shots with different expressions. In the same way, it is advisable to ask him how he feels to break the ice and generate enough confidence to achieve better results.

  1. hands in pockets

Hands in pockets is one of the classic male full body photo poses, which can help the model to relax while giving them confidence and class. In this case, ask the subject to try keeping one hand, both hands, or partially inserting them into the pockets while she keeps her thumb out.

  1. look away

This is a full or medium shot pose, typically used for taking photos of boys in the fashion industry, as it helps the male model appear less tense in front of the camera, giving him more confidence to be himself; so the result will be a more natural photograph. In this sense, the subject should only look away from the digital camera, while thinking of something interesting, in this way, the photo can acquire more character.

  1. leaning posture

If there is a wall, table, or any solid surface around, the model can touch the wall with their back, elbow, or shoulder to give a feeling of just hanging out. It is very important that the facial expression corresponds to the body language to obtain a more realistic capture, especially if we are taking a full body photograph.

  1. walk in front of the camera

The model can take large steps towards the camera while maintaining a straight posture and a neutral expression. This will help make it look like you’re casually walking down the street. You can also take a photo of the man from behind, to provide a sense of mystery. Similarly, it may be appropriate for the model to hold something while on the move, be it a book, a bag or a jacket.

As we can see, there are simple tricks that allow you to take photos of male models, but the most important thing is naturalness and confidence, which can only be achieved by creating a pleasant environment.

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