Proxy: what is it, how to use it and examples of proxies

Browsing the internet is usually subject to restrictions according to the laws of each country, but in certain cases it is possible to overcome them to enjoy special content online. By this we mean proxy servers; a quite useful, multifunctional tool that you can enjoy both free and paying.

Before starting, if you have any questions about what a proxy is or what a server is, we invite you to learn the basic terms that will help you become familiar with these internet services.


In the field related to servers and their interconnection there is a concept called Proxy, but what is it? In general terms, a proxy is a computer equipment that works as an intermediary between the connections generated by your client through requests to a particular server, in order to filter the packets exchanged.

In simple words, if you want to access a web page that can only be seen in Asia, but it appears blocked because you are in Europe, for example, you can connect to a proxy that is in the Asian continent and it will take care of sending the request access to the page server.

By having your IP blocked thanks to the proxy , the server concludes that the request is from the allowed area and grants it.


Benefits of using proxy servers

  •  geo blocking

One of the main uses given to proxies is to bypass geographical blocks, since the server, being in another country or continent , allows the page to believe that the user is also and gives access to the content.

  •  hidden IP

Another of the usual applications of a proxy is to hide the IP address of the computer. This address contains information on the physical location of the equipment , as well as the internet provider and even, for hackers, it is the entrance to the system itself along with all the stored data.

  • charging times

With the use of a proxy server, waiting times for loading web pages are reduced, although this is more so in those that require a paid subscription.

  •  Filtering of web pages

Some proxy services are equipped with programming capable of filtering malicious or potentially dangerous web pages. In this way, intruders on the computer will be avoided, as well as the risks of a cyber attack can be minimized.


How to use a proxy?

Here are the steps you need to follow to allow access to a proxy connection from your Chrome browser:

  1. Open the browser settings

The first step is to click on the three points shown in the image, to access the Settings.

  1. Go to Settings

When you click on Settings, a menu will be displayed where you must select Settings. This will take you directly to the browser settings.

  1. Find Advanced Settings

Within the Settings, go to the bottom of the window and at the end you will find the access to Advanced settings. Click on the button and continue with the next step.

  1. Go to Proxy Settings

Within the options and accesses that appear, go to Proxy settings.

  1. Proxy activation

In this new window you must activate the use of proxies, as well as fill in the Address and Port fields with the data provided by the server. Once finished, click Save and you’re done.

10 recommended proxy servers

Whether you are looking for a VPN from Italy or to hide your IP online, for example, here is a list of those that could be among the 10 best internet proxy servers:

  1. CroxyProxy

This proxy server offers an extension that you can install directly in the browser you use on your computer, to have a simple and discreet direct access. It does not allow you to change the server, but it does have direct access, so you can easily see popular pages.

  1. 4EverProxy

It is a free proxy with a beautiful and intuitive interface to help you manage it with ease. It works with multiple web servers and allows the selection of IP according to the country of preference, in addition to having options for cookies.

  1. ProxySite

It stands out among the free proxies, since it has access to both American and European servers and does not have advertising on its interface, making browsing more efficient in every way.

  1. ProxyFree

With Proxy Free you will be able to evaluate the free servers according to their latency, so that it is possible for you to select the one that will generate the least lag when browsing the web.

  1. New IP

With this online proxy you will be able to hide your IP for free and choose between various servers available in its interface, which stands out for being simple and easy to understand, even if you have not used an anonymous proxy before.

  1. Hidester

It is a good option for those who are especially looking for an online proxy in Spain, since it offers servers in Europe, in addition to the American ones. It can be installed as a Chrome extension and has encryption for data encryption.

  1. VPN Book

Another good online proxy is VPN Book. With it you can make use of servers located in Canada, the United States, France and the United Kingdom, apart from also providing free VPN addresses.

  1. Zalmos

Zalmos is a simple service to use. It does not have many options to configure the proxy, but in return, you will have access that will take you directly to the most popular web pages of today.

  1. KProxy

One of the most practical services to change proxy could be this, since it has a free version and a paid version. It has an extension for both Firefox and Chrome browsers and you can choose from a list of 10 different proxies.

  1. HideMe

If you are looking for a YouTube proxy to watch videos that have not been released in your country, HideMe could be the solution. This service allows you to connect to German, Dutch and American servers, as well as providing access from where you can download a free VPN address.

Having informed you about what a proxy server is, it is easy to understand why these types of services are so popular on the internet.

However, we advise you to carefully review the server you plan to use before connecting, in order to verify that it is reliable and that it offers the necessary level of security, to protect both your identity and your other data or your location.


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