Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Opinions

Main advantage:

The ease with which you can distribute the buttons and triggers, as well as modify the sensitivity and vibration are great advantages, since the experience will be much more personalized.

Main disadvantage:

The Bluetooth connection could, in certain cases, interfere with the internet connection in multiplayer games. This may lead you to experience lag at times, which is a disadvantage.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you don’t want to buy an original PS4 controller, then buying a quality replica like this may be the best option, as it offers ergonomics, quality, easy connection and excellent gameplay.

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Main Features Explained


The possibility of working wirelessly without the need to waste batteries is one of the most significant features of PS4 controllers. In this case, this product stands out for having this type of connection to give you greater freedom of movement when playing. So you can have fun comfortably.

This product has the features that the best PS4 controller would have, which is why it has received several positive opinions. It is a gamepad compatible with all versions of PS4, from FAT to Pro and, in addition to that, it offers the possibility of connecting via USB cable to the computer. That way, you’ll be able to play both PC and PlayStation games with equal comfort.

In addition to that, the mode change is practically automatic, since the quick identification of the connectivity modes allows the resynchronization of devices to be excellent.


This controller has a technology that any gamer will love, as it makes every cent of its price worth it. Anyone who loves video games knows that the experience in an adventure game is not the same as that of a shooter and, fortunately, the brand knows this too. For that reason, they provide a controller-compatible mobile app that makes it easy to remap keys and triggers.

From your mobile phone you can also change the sensitivity options and control the vibration power of the remote. That is, with a few small adjustments and in a very short time, you will be able to adapt the controller perfectly to the experience you want.

On the other hand, this command brings with it two rear buttons that correspond to the upper triggers. That way, you’ll be able to shorten the distance to shoot, if you wish, buying valuable time for the game.


When it comes to the structure, this is different from the classic PS4 controller. However, its difference is that the front section is much wider to make room for the special buttons on the back. In turn, this has made it necessary to change the position of the joysticks to place them diagonally, as is often the case with XBOX controllers.

If you play PlayStation exclusively, this new joystick layout and controller size may take some getting used to. However, it remains an ergonomic, practical and easy to use structure.

The touch offered by this gamepad is soft, thanks to its pads and, in addition, it provides a secure hold to prevent the device from slipping easily. All this, along with a light weight, will allow you to comfortably play long gaming sessions.

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