ScanMarker Air Opinions

Main advantage:

The most striking thing about this product is its pencil-shaped design that you can take with you anywhere to scan documents without having to have a computer nearby.

Main disadvantage:

The application for mobile phones and tablets should be updated, since it has some errors that have been identified by users and could affect the performance of the scanner.

Verdict: 9.8/10

ScanMarker Air is an interesting, different and practical proposal for those who need to have a portable device available with which to scan easily and quickly.

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Main Features Explained

team design

The first main important feature that you should analyze in order to find a scanner with good value for money is its design. Since these computers are usually located on a desk, you should consider details such as their size, weight, and finishes in order to choose the most suitable one.

If you are interested in acquiring a piece of equipment that could be on the list of the best scanners, you should know the proposal that the ScanMarker brand has for you. This device stands out for its compact and modern design. Unlike other scanners, this one is shaped like a thick marker pen.

Its dimensions are 3.5 x 14 x 2.5 centimeters and it weighs just 60 grams, making it a very comfortable and easy to transport model. You could even carry it in your pocket to have it close at hand whenever you need it.

The particular structure of this model will allow you to perform scans on the fly. To work with it, you must activate the scanner mode and pass the tip of the equipment over the text, numbers or bars that you want to digitize. This function gives you the possibility to avoid having to edit the image and only capture the content that interests you to save you both time and effort.

Capacity and features

Since scanners have become practically essential equipment in any office, it is important that you know how to identify which aspects determine details such as the sale price, performance, functions and capacity of the model of your interest. So you can choose the most practical and useful to meet your needs.

One of the most relevant characteristics could be the capacity and functions that the scanner can carry out. So, before deciding which one you will acquire, we advise you to review what you are going to use it for, so that you can choose the equipment that meets your needs.

In this category, the ScanMarker Air scanner is equipped with a system that allows it to recognize a total of 43 languages ​​when scanning, as well as the ability to identify number patterns and read barcodes so you can get the most out of it..

In addition to this, it is highlighted that you can use this device in conjunction with computers that run Windows or Mac OS operating systems and, since they are the most popular, you will not have problems when installing the drivers or programs with which the scanner needs to work.. Likewise, you can also use it with your mobile phone Android 4.3 and higher or the updated versions of iOS.

Connectivity and autonomy

The opinions of some buyers place the connectivity of the scanner as one of the important aspects that cannot be overlooked when making the comparison between different models. This will help you get an idea about the practicality of the equipment, as well as some particular functions.

In the case of the Air scanner, it should be noted that it is a model that works wirelessly. It has an integrated Bluetooth system with which it can be linked to both computers and tablets or mobile phones that are capable of executing the software with which it transfers the data captured by the equipment.

Likewise, it also has a connection via USB cable, which has a length of 1.5 meters to respect your freedom of movement and you can use it to transfer files, update scanner drivers, charge the battery, among many other things. Thanks to this you can keep your device up to date to continue enjoying its functions.

The battery, on the other hand, has a capacity of 200 mAh with which you could enjoy an autonomy of up to 7 days with a single charge in regular use, so you do not have to worry about taking the USB cable with you wherever you want. go.

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