Seagate Backup Plus Slim Reviews

Main advantage:

The Seagate-branded option has an attractive design with a compact size and light weight, allowing you to take it wherever you need it, as well as variety in capacity.


Main disadvantage:

You must bear in mind that when carrying out heavy file transfers or using the disk for long periods of time, it can heat up its casing, so it is recommended to use it in ventilated environments.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This external hard drive can be a practical option if you are looking for a model that you can easily transport to access your documents and personal files anywhere you need them.

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Main Features Explained

Design and materials

The best external hard drives are used to transport digital information and be able to access it from other computers or devices. Therefore, they are mostly portable and the opinions of some consider that the design and construction materials of the drive are important to analyze before buying.

Seagate is a brand specializing in portable devices such as flash memory drives and of course hard drives. On this occasion, we find the Backup Plus Slim model. This equipment has dimensions of 11.3 x 7.6 x 1.2 centimeters with a weight of 159 grams, thus being able to fit in any bag, backpack or even a jacket pocket.

It is black at its base, while on the front the logo or name of the brand has been located in one corner along with a light indicator, which can be in the form of a line or a dot so you know when the disc is working on file transfer or processing.

The hard drive casing has a cover made of aluminum to add robustness to the equipment and, also, depending on its availability, you can purchase it in different colors or finishes. Some of them are red, black, blue, with very elegant patterns or brushed finishes, although you should know that some models have a higher price because of this.

capacity and connectivity

The next aspect that we are going to focus on so that you can make a successful purchase when looking for a good external hard drive is its capacity and connectivity. These details are what will define the number of files you can store on the disk, as well as its compatibility with other systems or external playback devices.

The model offered by Seagate, Backup Plus Slim, has a capacity to store up to 2 TB of information, with which you can save thousands of photos, videos, movies, documents and much more. However, if you wish, you could also check if this model is available in other versions with greater or lesser capacity.

Regarding the connectivity offered by the disk, you should know that it has a HDD format at a speed of 5,400 RPM, to offer a good reading speed and be compatible with most systems, since it is a standard connector that can be located in all types of computers both old and modern. In addition to this, the drive uses USB cable connectivity with transfer technology 3.0 with which you can enjoy a speed of up to 220 MB per second so that you do not have to wait too long when working with a file to or from your drive.


Functions and utilities

The functions and utilities that a hard drive can offer are also the subject of analysis by some buyers, who consider that these play a fundamental role in the practicality of the equipment. Therefore, we recommend that you review this section before choosing which external hard drive to purchase.

Backup Plus Slim is, on the other hand, a very practical hard drive, both for home and professional use, thanks to the variation in its capacity and its high-speed connectivity. But, in addition to this, the company has developed an application called Seagate Dashboard with which you can directly make backup copies of some of your social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube or Flickr to avoid losing your publications or photos.

Another advantage offered by this model is its compatibility, since the system can be connected to computers that run both Mac and Microsoft operating systems, thus avoiding problems when installing it. The latter leads us to mention that, thanks to the programming of the disk, its installation mode is Plug & Play, that is, it is done automatically to be recognized by the computer and you don’t need to add any software if you don’t want it.

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