Sony DSC-W810 Opinions

Main advantage:

It has a compact and lightweight design that can be held with one hand and allows better handling of the device to capture photos without inconvenience. In addition, its small size is suitable for taking the camera anywhere.

Main disadvantage:

It is a camera with basic functions, so it should be fast. However, when executing the commands it can be a bit slow and, after the shot, it takes time to display the photo.

Verdict: 9.3/10

This Sony model has a delicate and practical appearance to carry in your pocket, it captures images with adequate resolution and digital stabilization. These attributes position the DSC-W810 as one of the best cameras on the market.

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Main Features Explained

Photography and resolution

Photo cameras are devices that are used to achieve magnificent images and capture memorable moments to immortalize them in time, a function in which, according to user opinions, these teams should stand out.

To comply with the standards, the Japanese brand Sony launched the DSC-W810 model, a simple, pocket-sized digital camera that, although it has a conventional appearance, is integrated by cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality of the photographs it takes. are captured through its lens and mechanism.

In this sense, the Sony DSC-W810 has been equipped with a Super HAD CCD sensor that provides photographs with a maximum resolution quality of 20.1 megapixels, so the images will have improved details, with vibrant colors and clean composition. In addition, this device has, within its technical attributes, a digital stabilizer to avoid vibrations and distortions in the scene.

More than a simple camera, this equipment can capture videos in high definition at 720 pixels. These videos obtained by the DSC-W810 will have quality in the details and will be smooth. Likewise, they will be accompanied by a precise and clear digital sound of the environment. To complete its specifications, it includes a 6X optical zoom.


There are different types of photo cameras, which vary due to their functions, type, price and design, so you can find from SLR to professional and compact alternatives. In the case of the DSC-W810, it is a compact photo camera.

In general, this type of camera is small, with a relatively light weight. This is the case of the Sony DSC-W810, a team of 2.1 x 9.68 x 5.55 centimeters, with a weight that does not exceed 200 grams. These physical qualities are what allow it to be portable, because it can be carried in a pants pocket. Its properties make it discreet and can be used with greater agility so as not to miss a single shot.

In addition, the Sony DSC-W810 has a sleek, modern design that is available in black with silver accents. It is resistant and its use is simple, since it incorporates a couple of buttons both on the back and on the top, which will help the user to navigate through the options and configurations without major complexities.

To complete the functional design, this model incorporates a fixed 2.7-inch color screen, both to view photos and videos, and to observe the breakdown of options.

Accessories and modes

Considered by many users as the best photo camera on the market, this Sony model is practical and functional, because in addition to providing adequate quality for capturing photos and videos, as well as having a manageable design, it includes some accessories that enhance its capabilities. benefits.

Among them, the DSC-W810 camera includes a rechargeable battery and power adapter, a hand strap to hold the equipment, a USB cable that will help the transfer of content, and a detailed instruction manual on the specifications and functions that provides the model to guide the user and help him get more out of the equipment.

Likewise, this alternative has been equipped by its manufacturer with some modes that enhance the quality of the photographs. Among them you can opt for the party mode, with an advanced flash setting for bright images, with an ISO of intense chromatic exposure. Similarly, 360-degree panoramic photos, autofocus, low-light images and artistic effects can be taken to retouch, with intelligent technology, the details of imperfections in portraits. Both photographs, the original and the retouched one, will be stored in order to later have new changes in the original, if desired.

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