Sony SRS-XB10B Reviews

Main advantage:

If you are looking for a good quality, easy to transport and resistant model, Sony offers all this in a compact size device with an attractive and youthful design for your enjoyment.

Main disadvantage:

The main disadvantage of this equipment is that it may not have enough power to be used in open environments, since the sound quality itself would not be appreciated.

Verdict: 9.5/10

The Sony Bluetooth speaker has a practical design that is easy to charge and easy to store, so you can carry it with you or keep it on your nightstand in comfort.

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Main Features Explained

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If you want to enjoy your favorite music playlists anywhere and without worrying about having a power outlet nearby or even a cable to connect your phone, a Bluetooth speaker could be the answer, and if you are interested, the first thing you should consider is his design. That is why we believe you should know the Sony SRS-XB10B model. It is a speaker with a Bluetooth wireless connectivity system that also stands out for its compact and quite portable design. In addition, it includes a small strap with a ring so you can easily hang it wherever you want.

The device has a size of 7.5 x 7.5 x 9.1 centimeters and a weight of just 259 grams, and can be part of the best Bluetooth speakers today. In addition, this Sony model offers, according to some opinions, a high level of performance for its price-quality ratio.

Another of the striking aspects of this model is that you can also choose it in different and attractive colors according to your taste, among which are black, yellow, blue, white, green or red. They all have the same design with good materials and manufacturing finishes that increase their resistance and, therefore, also their useful life.

Sound technology and connectivity

A feature that is very important for users looking for good Bluetooth speakers is, of course, the connectivity that the device offers to determine its compatibility with other equipment. Likewise, the built-in sound technology is also taken into account, which directly influences its performance.

In this case, the Sony speaker offers you a Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity system that works at a 2.45 GHz frequency, being suitable for linking with various electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, computers or car radio, to mention Some.

In addition, it stands out that it has a transmission range of a maximum of 10 meters so that you have freedom of movement when using the speaker or you can place it in different places without losing connectivity with the main player.

As for the sound technology of this speaker, you should know that with a 46-millimeter mono speaker and its Extra Bass system, made up of a passive radiator, you can enjoy very good sound quality when playing different styles of music.

And if you are not convinced by the speaker’s monaural system, you may be pleased to know that it can be linked with another unit of the same model, in order to provide a stereo experience when playing any type of multimedia content.

Autonomy, functions and NFC

When it comes to portable equipment, the autonomy of its battery is usually one of the aspects that most influences the purchase decision of some users and if you plan to use your speaker intensely, it is necessary that you acquire a device with a capable battery. to satisfy your needs.

In order to classify as a good alternative among this type of speaker, the Sony product offers an integrated lithium polymer battery with which the equipment could work continuously for 16 hours continuously, this being more than enough for regular home use. However, you should keep in mind that this could vary depending on the volume activated on the speaker or the conditions in which it is used.

On the other hand, a feature that is both practical and eye-catching is the fact that this model has a waterproof casing that makes it resistant to water, so that you can use it practically wherever and whenever you want, since having it in the rain, for example, it will not harm it.

Finally, if you have a mobile device that has built-in NFC One-Touch technology, you can forget about the whole pairing process, since you only have to bring your device closer to the speaker and it will be linked automatically.

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