Tascam DR-05 Reviews

Main advantage: 

It has the capacity to record precise sounds, either in dual or mono mode, with different options to capture the audio and adapt the files to the required format, making it a suitable option for working with demanding audio formats. 

Main disadvantage:

The device manual is imprecise, while its use is not as intuitive as in other models, which requires time to understand its performance. 

Verdict: 9.7/10

This professional-style recorder is equipped with various modes for capturing audio and processing files, hence its price is higher than other options, but its audio quality is precise and clear.

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Main Features Explained

recording and resolution 

The basic purpose of voice recorders is, as the name implies, to record the sounds of the environment efficiently. The difference between these small machines lies in some functions and in the quality of how they capture and process the audio. So when making a choice of a professional-standard prototype, it’s imperative that you select models like Tascam’s DR-05, which have been equipped to work efficiently and record in both mono and dual modes. In addition, it has different modes for recording, which allows you to adapt the format to a specific type of file. 

If the opinions of users about the Tascam DR-05 recorder are considered, it will be possible to notice that they all agree that this device captures quality audio, since all the sounds it collects are processed with precision and low distortion, as well as noise.

This model is capable of recording in stereo mode with high-end quality in formats such as MP3 and WAV, in a resolution of 96 kHz/43 bits, since it is equipped with omnidirectional microphones that provide greater sensitivity when capturing all the details., with a maximum of up to 125 decibels SPL. It also includes playback control for speed from 0.5 to 1.5 times in 0.1 increments.

Connectivity and operation

Many people position the Tascam DR-05 model as one of the best voice recorders on the market, because it works efficiently, with high-end performance for professional use, which provides clear and precise audio, in different formats and with different capture modes. All this makes the device one of the most sought-after recorders, because it also has several ports and inputs that increase the possibilities of connectivity, both with other equipment, such as microphones and headphones that enhance the performance and functions with which the manufacturer Tascam has equipped the DR-05 model.

The audio recorded with this digital recorder can be heard through the built-in speaker or, if discretion is desired, simply connect the headphones. Similarly, it has a mini-connector for line signals, which allows the use of an external microphone, which can work with a wall power supply. 

For its operation, the model requires a pair of AA alkaline batteries that allow prolonged use of the recorder, which is estimated between 10.5 and 16 hours (it varies according to the brand of the batteries and the resolution in the recording), as its maximum power consumption is 1.7 watts.

design and accessories

The technical features of the Tascam DR-05 voice recorder make its price worth the investment. To complete its advantages, it has been designed to be portable and manageable, so that it can be carried comfortably and held while the desired audio is obtained, because its light weight of 299 grams allows it to be used with greater dexterity.

The recorder has been manufactured with a black plastic structure, which combines with the microphones on the top that are silver in tone. In addition, it includes a small screen with indicator lights for the function (lights up red when recording), as well as access buttons, which allow interaction with the equipment with simple thumb touches for the selection of recording modes, folders and other settings. 

Being a high-end equipment, its basic use is simple. However, the recorder is equipped with additional functions that are difficult to access. For this reason, it includes a manual that should be studied and read carefully to take full advantage of its advantages, such as the peak reduction function, pre-recording modes, level Align function, among others. In addition, it includes a 2GB microSD card, expandable up to 64 MB.

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