Test your mobile in depth with TestM

There are many occasions when we may be interested in having an app that is responsible for carrying out an in-depth verification of our smartphones. For example, when we have the feeling that the product loses its capabilities, when the screen fails or when some of its functions start to do strange things.

However, some of the apps that we have on the market do not always cover all the necessary aspects to obtain a complete report on the operation of our device. Luckily, TestM has emerged to solve this problem, so that we won’t have any problems with the functions that we will have at our disposal or with the terminals on which to carry out this study.

What can TestM do?

TestM is one of the most versatile applications in this segment, so that we can carry out this type of test on up to 6,500 different devices, also having the necessary information to know each of them in depth and verify if everything works as it should. Something important, since each terminal has its own characteristics and, therefore, requires a personalized treatment.

This treatment is distributed in a total of 21 different tests that affect 19 components of the device, so that practically none of the important elements to use our device are left unchecked. A process for which the application needs around 5 minutes to complete. In addition, in this process we must also be attentive, since the process will require some steps on the part of the user to verify issues such as the presentation of the image on the screen or if the speakers are heard.

test modes

Depending on what we need, TestM has two different test modes:

The fast mode needs just a minute to verify the terminal, proceeding to carry out tests on the screen, the touch screen, the camera, the speakers and also the microphones of the mobile. A simple test to show that everything basic works as it should.

The other option is to carry out a complete test on all the elements of the terminal. In this case, the process requires about five minutes to be executed and at the end generates a complete report on everything that the application has detected in relation to the operation of the device.

What tests are performed

Within full mode, the device generates the following tests:

Screen : It is checked both that the screen is displayed correctly in its entirety and that the touch area also works properly. To do this, we will be asked to make different clicks on it.

Sound : For this verification, it will be necessary to connect the headphones to the terminal and listen to a series of numbers that, later, we will have to write on the keyboard that will appear on the screen, as proof of the correct operation of this function. Something that is also repeated for the speaker itself that includes the terminal and even for the microphone.

Motion sensors: In this section, the product automatically checks the operation of the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope, to verify that these elements work correctly.

Connectivity: In the connectivity tests, the correct operation of your operator’s data and voice network, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity and also the GPS functionality of the device are verified. All the tests are carried out through connections to the respective elements, so we will need to be in an area with WiFi connectivity and with a Bluetooth device that we can connect to by hand.

Hardware Test: It is the most complex part of the whole process and the one that needs the most time. This test verifies the correct operation of all elements, such as the light sensor, the buttons, the device charger, the RAM or the processor. These items are checked for both health and specs so that in the report we know what processor or memory the device has.

Camera : The final step in this process is the camera test. Tests that include the flash, in which we must count how many times it blinks, or the rear camera, where the camera should recognize our face.

What is the application for?

Once we have seen everything that this tool can do, surely you have some ideas for what this application can be useful for. But if you are not sure, we can also give you some ideas.

The first function for which we can use the device is to verify the existence of failures or breakdowns. A diagnosis that can avoid the occasional visit to the technical service or help us to know where the fault is and, therefore, to know what we should look for when the technical service returns it to us.

Another important aspect in which the app will help us is when buying the mobile. And it is that the complete report generated by this application is very useful to know the complete state of the mobile, so it can serve as support to reinforce the sale of our terminal or so that we are not given a pig in a poke when buying it.. If the seller sends us this report, we will know first-hand both the functions and the state of the terminal, which is always an extra for our peace of mind.

Where to find TestM

To download TestM, all you have to do is go to Google Play or the iOs Market to find the application and proceed to download it. The application is free, compatible with all types of devices, as we mentioned at the beginning, and supports up to 6,500 different device models, so it will be easy for you to run the tests knowing the specific characteristics of your equipment.

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