The 10 Best 4K TVs of 2022

4K TV – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

The 4K format is the new standard in terms of image quality, although 8K is already beginning to appear on the market. Still, this standard still has years of giving you high image quality, more vivid colors, and improved brightness and contrast. An enhanced functionality that you can enjoy at home thanks to modern 4K TVs. Some products that are offered in a wide variety of prices and sizes, adapted to any need. If you are looking for a medium-sized model, the LG 49SM8500ALEXA TV has a 49-inch diagonal, as well as the latest LG news, including artificial intelligence and the most advanced Smart TV functions. Something bigger is the TCL 55DP660 model, 55-inch diagonal and that competes with the leading manufacturers in the market in terms of image quality and performance.

The 10 Best 4K TVs – Opinions 2022

The 4K format is, until 8K is definitively implemented, the highest quality image resolution standard available on the market. A standard that has come and is currently present in different screen sizes and types of televisions, including Smart TVs. A wide range that you can get to know better with this selection of some of the best 4K televisions of 2022, with which it will be easier for you to decide when buying a 4K television adjusted to your preferences. Something bigger is the TCL 55DP660 model, 55 inches in size and which also offers that high image quality in 4K format.

LG 49 inch 4K TV

1. LG 49SM8500ALEXA Smart TV NanoCell 4K UHD

Among the major manufacturers in the Smart TV market, LG remains one of the most prominent. The proof is found in models such as your LG 49SM8500ALEXA 4K TV. 

This product has the most advanced technology of the brand, in which artificial intelligence and the nanoCell TV system are fully integrated. The first function allows you to even control the device through Alexa, while the NanoCell features generate additional image and sound quality, with which to go even further within the 4K format that the product is based on. 

As for sound, Dolby Atmos technology generates a new hearing spectrum with 360-degree coverage and immersive sensations. As for the Smart TV functions, the version 4.5 of WebOS that it incorporates adds even more fluidity and security to the experience of watching your favorite programs or moving around the network.

Take the leap to the most advanced technology in the hands of this modern LG model.


Panel : The upgraded IPS panel adds even purer colors and more definition to the 4K image of this product.

Artificial intelligence : Artificial intelligence features improve performance in all aspects of the team.

WebOS : WebOS version 4.5 increases security and the ability to do everything with this TV.

Assistants : This model is compatible with both Alexa and the Google assistant.

Connectivity : A wide range of connections, both wired and wireless, are included with this TV.


Blacks : Some comments indicate that the performance of the screen in blacks and dark tones could be improved.

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55-inch 4K TV

2. TCL 55DP660 Television 55″

Designed for those who do not want to spend too much but do not want to miss out on anything either, the TCL 55DP660 television is a novelty that deserves to be in our selection. In this case we are talking about a 55-inch 4K television, with which to enjoy a high-quality image when viewing any content.

Something to which the Wide Color system helps, which improves the quality of colors and gives greater definition to the image. It also incorporates DTS sound technologies with which to hear everything much more clearly. It also includes Smart TV functions based on Android TV 7.0, so you can surf and move with the web comfortably.

And not to be outdone in its design, the Ultra Slim Metal frame generates a barely visible and very elegant exterior, even though it is a model that is among the cheap ones in our selection.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of this model, which is a pleasant surprise among the cheapest options on the market.


Wide Color: The television includes a color enhancement system with which to enjoy 30% purer colors and a higher resolution when viewing them on the screen.

Android TV: The device bases its Smart TV function on the Android TV system, which avoids compatibility problems and gives the system greater overall fluidity.

Frame : The Ultra Slim Meta frame offers a design and elegance typical of higher-end models, which dresses any room with class.


Smart TV capacity: Some user comments that the Smart TV function can be saturated if several applications are opened at the same time.

VESA system: The model does not include its own holes to mount it on the wall using the VESA system, which can make its location in your home difficult.

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50-inch 4K TV

3. CHiQ Smart TV LED 50 Inch 4K UHD Television

No one likes the idea of ​​spending hours setting up a new TV so they can enjoy their favorite content. With this in mind, the CHiQ brand offers a model that includes preloaded applications such as YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix. 

Also, by including an HDR 10 image controller, it is a model that provides an impressive range of colors, to achieve very realistic images. This is complemented by a balanced sound reproduction, thanks to its Dolby audio system, a quality that adds nuances and a surround effect.

On the other hand, a modern TV cannot be rated well without easy navigation to access its features. But this 50-inch 4K TV has no problem here, providing an easy-to-use interface. Also, for gamers, the Android compatible multi-screen feature is a very useful extra.

Below, you can learn more highlights of this TV.


Android: As it is a television with this native system, it offers greater versatility in the installation of applications.

WiFi: Connecting over the network makes it easier to stream from other devices and access online content.

Image control: Its powerful processor provides smooth performance and response speed according to the expectations of demanding users.


Bluetooth: This technology has only been adapted in the model to interconnect headphones and speakers, not to transmit content to the television.

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40-inch 4K TV

4. Panasonic 4K Ultra HD TV 40-inch HX810 Series

Seeing a movie just as the movie producer designed it is one of the advantages that this model offers. This quality is due to the fact that it has been developed with a color configuration calibrated in Hollywood. But this is not all, the quality of its image is complemented by a complex Dolby Atmos audio system, Cinema Surround and support for connecting subwoofers. Thanks to this, you can enjoy intense and vibrant bass. Also, if you like to watch games at home, you should know that it includes predefined settings for sports and games, which will make the experience more immersive.

If we talk about its navigation interface, it is very simple and, because it is compatible with assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, you can make changes just by giving a verbal command. 

Likewise, its connectivity through ports and Bluetooth and WiFi wireless technology allows you to play content from different devices.

Deciding which is the best 40-inch 4K TV is a project that involves careful analysis, but our summary of pros and cons can help you.


Image: Its HDR10 + and Dolby Vision drivers offer scene-by-scene analysis to provide vibrant and true colors.

Predefined configurations: You can easily establish the most appropriate parameters according to the content you are going to project, whether it is a game, a movie or a video game.

Connectivity: You can transmit audio and video content from alternate devices, such as tablets, mobile phones and players, thanks to its different ports. 

Sound: Offers Cinema Surround technology for greater realism. In addition, the intensity of the bass sounds can be amplified with its Subwoofer connection.


Remote control: Unlike other models, this one does not include a remote, but you can replace it with an app that is compatible with smart devices.

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49-inch 4K TV

5. LG 49UM7100ALEXA 49″ 4K UHD Smart TV

Equipped with surround sound and artificial intelligence, as well as a 10-bit Quad Core processor, this 49-inch 4K TV model from LG stands out for having a high resolution in its images, with realistic, detailed and precise aspects in relation to the colors and sharpness, being able to analyze the frames to improve quality. 

In addition, it has a wide viewing angle and its design is slim, with a slim black frame and a double base on each side of the TV, which serves to keep it firm and stable on surfaces. 

Its operation is simple and intuitive, with a fast operating system that includes Alexa, the Google Assistant and LG ThinQ to control all devices linked to WiFi by voice commands. To enhance your ability to link up, the TV is equipped with three HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB ports and optical output.

Before making a decision, it is advisable to know the details of the options of interest. So we invite you to know the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Resolution: Images are transmitted in 4K-type resolution, with a high level of detail and sharpness.

Design: It has a modern design with a slim black frame and double base that provides stability.

Inputs: For greater versatility and connectivity with other equipment, it has three HDMI and two USB ports.

Audio: It is equipped with surround sound that comes from various virtual audio channels, for a realistic experience. 


Remote: It does not include the Magic Control remote, so to access its functions it must be purchased separately.

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Samsung 55 inch 4K TV

6. Samsung QLED 4K 2022 55Q70A 55″ Smart TV 

Perhaps this TV is not among the cheapest on the market. However, the technology that characterizes it justifies every euro of its price. To mention something, regardless of whether the content you project has 4K quality or not, its Quantum HDR 10+ controller takes care of converting it so you can watch it with the best definition, color, and contrast. In addition, it offers a wide viewing angle, so that from any perspective the projected image is the best.

Analyzing its sound, we also find aspects of interest, such as its OTS Lite system, which optimizes the sound, creating an enveloping atmosphere to generate greater realism. In addition, it is worth mentioning its speed and refresh rate, which will allow you to enjoy video games without experiencing delays, with an image that is always updated and fluid.

This Samsung 55-inch 4K TV has so much more to offer. Therefore, we have added the following summary of qualities.


Ultra Slim Design: This TV takes up almost no space, so it doesn’t clutter your decor and makes it easy to find a place for it.

Intelligent image adjustment: You do not need to make changes while you are projecting, since its advanced Adaptive Picture system is responsible for analyzing the ambient lighting and setting the brightness.

FreeSync Premium Pro: Screen tearing phenomenon is significantly reduced, offering full images in every scene. Even in video games. 


Price: Compared to other 4K televisions, its purchase implies a higher investment, but due to its size and qualities, this is justified.

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LG 43 inch 4K TV

7. LG 43UK6750PLD 43″ Smart TV

If you want to have the latest LG 43-inch 4K TV that has hit the market at the current date, then the LG 43UK6750PLD model is your choice. A television with high image quality, thanks to the usual IPS panels in the brand’s products. These panels confidently develop everything that 4K images require. 

Something to which its quad-core and 10-bit processor helps, capable of giving you better image quality and also of improving the performance of the television. Something key for its new artificial intelligence functions to work reliably, so that you can control the TV with your voice and intuitively access any function. 

It is finished off with an improved sound, with 20 watts of power and based on the Ultra Surround system, in a 2.0 output approach loaded with improvements and novelties.

Enjoying the quality of LG is also possible in somewhat smaller sizes, like that of this model.


Panel: LG’s IPS panel is one of the secrets of this model to give you great image quality.

Artificial Intelligence: Now you can speak and understand each other directly with your television, thanks to the included AI.

Sound : The sound has 20 watts of power, 2.0 output and all kinds of high-end improvements.


Stand: The stand is very elegant in its design but somewhat unstable when it comes to keeping the TV safe.

Controller : Surprisingly, the product does not include the controller required to use it with the AI, which must be purchased separately.

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65-inch 4K TV

8. Philips 65PUS6504/12, Smart TV with 4K UHD

The Philips 65PUS6504/12 model is a pleasant surprise from this manufacturer, with which you can fully immerse yourself in the world of 4K televisions. This device has a 65-inch screen and high resolution, enhanced by both the HDR10 + system and by an improvement in color and brightness, to give you even more depth when viewing any content. Something key when it comes to a product of this diagonal size. 

A complete product and where we do not lack an interesting Smart TV system based on Shapi. This system, typical of the brand, allows access to all kinds of content and moves comfortably with any app, even the most demanding ones.

For the rest, the equipment has a classic finish and good support, so you can place it anywhere without complications.

Expand the size of your screen with everything this Philips TV puts at your disposal.


Size: It is one of the largest models on the market, with a 65-inch diagonal screen.

Image quality: The product’s outstanding image quality helps you get the most out of whatever content you want to watch.

Shapi Smart TV: This operating system, typical of the brand, helps you move better through the network and access any streaming platform comfortably.


Speakers: The speakers have an improvable quality, although with a suitable configuration it is possible to achieve good results.

Control: The product’s control functions are somewhat more complex than usual, based on some feedback.

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9. Hisense H55A6100 TV Hisense 55″

Having a 4K HDR television today is something simple. It is enough to resort to models such as the Hisense H55A6100, which incorporate this technology, to enjoy a quality image, based on a broader color palette and with improved contrast. 

Functions for which this model includes a Quad Core processor, as well as the Precision Color or Depth Enhanced systems, among others. An approach that gives a high image quality both in conventional uses and when we use it in Smart TV mode. In this last use, we have some help, such as an easy-to-manage system or a button for direct access to YouTube and Netflix, to name a couple of examples. 

The product is topped off with adequate sound quality, within the well-known limitations that flat televisions have for the size of the speakers.

Learn more about this model from one of the latest manufacturers to reach this market.


Proprietary technology: Precision Color or Depth Enhanced systems give higher quality to the screen image.

Processor : The quad-core processor generates even better results when it comes to watching what you want.

Smart TV: The product also includes Smart TV functions, to watch your favorite streaming content comfortably.


Channel ordering: The channel ordering process is somewhat more tedious than expected.

Basic : It is a basic model within the Hisense range, so it may fall short for the most demanding users.

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Samsung 43 inch 4K TV

10. Samsung 4K UHD 2022 43RU7405 43″ Smart TV

Considered one of the best alternatives that can currently be found on the market, this 43-inch 4K Samsung TV model has a great capacity to reproduce high-definition images, which are sharp and defined. 

In addition, it is equipped with a Samsung color processor that optimizes contrast, as well as an HDR10 + function that improves lighting for more intense and detailed colors. Similarly, it has Dynamic Crystal technology, which provides a hyper-realistic variation, and has Dolby Digital Plus audio, for surround sound. 

Its design is elegant and modern, being available in black, with a central base for greater stability. Likewise, it incorporates a compartment to store cables discreetly. On the other hand, it has smart properties and is compatible with the Alexa assistant. In addition, its operation is facilitated with the One Remote Control, to access the Netflix or HBO platforms intuitively. 

If you want a quality alternative, you should learn more about this model offered by Samsung.


Design: It has an elegant design, with a slim black frame, as well as a wide base for support.

Control: It is equipped with a remote control that facilitates the control of the television and the platforms.

Audio: It has Dolby Digital Plus audio that optimizes the sound to make it surround.

Resolution: It has a 4K ultra high definition image resolution, with higher quality details and colors.


Playback: Although it has a USB port, it does not play.AVI videos, so you will need to convert the file to a compatible one.

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Shopping guide

If we are looking for the highest image quality of the moment, it is necessary to resort to 4K televisions. Products that are capable of offering high-resolution images with improved brightness and contrast, thanks to new technologies that are constantly being launched in these devices. That is why it is convenient to take a look at our guide to buying the best 4K television in order to be well informed when choosing one model or another.

Image quality

Although it seems strange, within the models that we find in any comparison of 4K televisions there are differences. And it is that 4K is nothing more than a standard that indicates a certain resolution, but that has nothing to do with the additional elements that the television may include to offer you even more image quality.

Among these elements we have the type or technology of the television panel. Today, the most common is to have conventional LED televisions generally based on the IPS panel. This panel gives you a good image quality, while having a quality viewing angle from almost any position. However, the LED technologies without backlighting that we find in modern OLED or QLED panels are gradually being included, depending on the manufacturer. Something that improves contrast and generates purer blacks, also avoiding color loss. However, the difference between how much one model or another costs is still remarkable.

The other key aspect of image quality has to do with image enhancement technologies. Among them we have the HDR, with which we can improve that quality obtaining a clearer image. A system that even serves to improve images whose original quality is not that 4k. And manufacturers are increasingly including color and contrast enhancement technologies, to give you purer colors and even clearer definition.

Screen size

Aunque en muchas guías este suele ser el primer consejo, en este caso nosotros hemos querido dejar como segundo aspecto lo relacionado con el tamaño de la pantalla del televisor. Una cuestión importante dado que un tamaño grande debe ir acompañado de una distancia adecuada en lo que a ubicación del televisor se refiere, siempre que queramos aprovechar adecuadamente su pantalla.

La buena noticia es que los televisores 4K cada vez están disponibles en tamaños de diagonal más ajustados, de modo que el tamaño mínimo al que podemos acceder es el de 40 pulgadas. Suficiente para espacios pequeños y distancias de emisión que van hasta los 1,5 metros. De hecho, a esta distancia se pueden utilizar televisores de hasta 46 pulgadas, según diversas opiniones profesionales al respecto.

Si ya hablamos de distancias más grandes o mayores tamaños de pantalla, deberemos ir incrementado el tamaño de esa diagonal. Para distancias de 1,5 a 2 metros, por ejemplo, la diagonal debería ser de 55 pulgadas, mientras que hasta los 3 metros serían adecuados los modelos de hasta 75 pulgadas. De todos modos, si tienes dudas y quieres precisar más tu elección, dispones en la red de diferentes calculadoras con las que dar con la medida adecuada que necesites.

Características adicionales

In addition to what has been said, when looking for a cheap and quality 4K TV, it is important to look for some additional functions that are already common today. Among these, without a doubt the most outstanding is the Smart TV functionality. An option with which you can access your favorite streaming broadcasts, gain a large number of options to watch content from your local network or even move around the network without leaving your television.

Another option that is improving within these models is the sound. Traditionally, Full HD televisions have had 10 watts of power on two channels (2 x 5 W), which in many 4K sets doubles that power to a 2 x 10 W system. In addition, this sound incorporates better quality, so you don’t have to resort to an external sound bar or other accessory device to enjoy quality sound.

These elements would be the basic ones, but there are many other advances of interest. Among them we have the new models with artificial intelligence and voice control, which allow us to dispense with the remote control for their control. Or the products that can be controlled from the mobile through an included app. These are functions that, in part, make the product more expensive, but that may be of interest to squeeze even more out of your purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to set up a Samsung 4k TV?

The process of setting up a Samsung 4K TV is somewhat more complex than it would be to set up a conventional TV. And it is that to get the most out of the 4K functions that it includes, it is essential to spend some time analyzing these advanced functions. To access them, it will be necessary to enter the television configuration options, choose the image section and enter the so-called expert functions. These allow you to squeeze every last function of the device, being able to adjust almost any parameter of the television. However, if you do not have knowledge or do not want to complicate yourself so much, the model has an automatic mode with which you can generally obtain adequate performance without so many complications.

Q2: Which is better, a 4k or Ultra HD TV?

The answer to this question is that options are just as good, mainly because they mean the same thing. And it is that the 4K screen resolution is also called UHD, being the next to the Full HD image resolution, which was the previous maximum quality standard. So if we take a look at the description of any 4K television, we will surely see that the acronym UHD is also included in it and vice versa.

Q3: How to clean a 4K TV?

The process of cleaning a 4K television and especially its screen requires certain precautions that should be known in order not to damage it. Before you begin, it is necessary to unplug the TV from the mains to avoid possible electrical damage. For cleaning, it is necessary to use a new cloth that we will dedicate exclusively to this purpose. As for the material, microfiber cloths are always preferable, as they are softer and better retain dust without scratching the screen. This powder is removed dry, without adding anything else to that cloth.

In addition, it is essential never to squeeze the screen to prevent it from being damaged. Only if the screen has stains or embedded dirt will it be necessary to add a specific cleaner for this type of product. This cleaner is usually presented in spray format or even in wipes, to make cleaning easier. Once the process is finished, we only have to plug the TV back in and enjoy its image.

Q4: Which is better, a 4k or OLED TV?

Compared to current LED technology, which is used by 4K televisions, OLED technology includes as a novelty the elimination of the backlight that is currently used in LED models. Something that allows you to enjoy a purer black and avoid brightness leaks from LED models derived from that backlight. Therefore, this new technology will undoubtedly help current 4K televisions to have higher quality, especially when it comes to representing black areas, adding extra definition to those images that the backlight system currently eliminates. the LED panels.

How to set up a 4K TV

Unlike older televisions, on 4K televisions we have a wide variety of options to optimize its image and adjust it to our personal preferences. However, this process is not always easy. Not so much because of the difficulty of it, which is something that the current menus and assistants of televisions simplify, but because of what it has to do with the knowledge necessary to proceed. Something that we are going to try to alleviate with this small guide to calibrate your 4K television, which we offer you below.

Basic parameters

The first aspect to calibrate are the basic parameters of the television. We talk about brightness and contrast, among others. These are already old acquaintances, since it was also highly recommended to configure them in case you have a conventional Full HD television. 

Regarding the values, it is something that we must adjust depending on the light conditions of the room and our personal preferences. What is highly recommended is to do it with a colorful image, like the sample photo that many television

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